Sure enough, fashion is a reincarnation, and the high-waisted pants that those mothers like have finally made a comeback and occupied the entire fashion circle. Fashionable girls all wear high-waisted trousers to show their beauty. Today’s high-waisted pants not only have a flared silhouette, but also have more fashionable details.

Advantages of high-waisted pants

Fashionable outfit in early spring, starting with a pair of “high-waisted pants”, fashionable and high, and really quite foreign. If you want to talk about the advantages of high-waisted pants, it must be possible to optimize the proportion of the body. The slim waist and draped trouser legs not only stretch the proportion of the legs, but also move the waist line up, shortening the proportion of the upper body.

Even some girls with less superior proportions can create superior three-seven proportions under the combination of high-waisted pants + short tops. For small girls, high-waisted pants are also a rare benefit, easily concave long legs, and the whole person’s aura is more advanced.

Choice of high-waisted pants

Slim fit high waisted pants

The definition of high-waisted pants is only an increase in waist proportions. There is still a relatively large space for play in the design of the trouser legs. Like the high-waisted pants with more slim legs, it is also our common slim high-waisted pants. This slim pants is more dominated by dark pants, stretching the length ratio, compressing the horizontal line, and appearing tall and thin.

High-waisted small black pants, more will choose slim design. As well as dark blue jeans, you can also choose a high-waisted slim design, appropriately add elastic elements, more comfortable to wear, and there will be no tightness.

Straight-leg high-waisted pants

The straight-leg high-waist design has a more straight and straight aesthetic. The straight legs and high-waist fit make the vertical proportion more straight, and a pair of long legs are slender and straight, which can better enhance the aura and be full of high-class simplicity.

When we choose straight-leg high-waisted pants, we need to refer to the fabric of the pants. If the fabric is too soft, it will not have a strong sense of straightness. Therefore, thick and draped denim fabric, or hard and straight velor fabric, is the best fabric for straight-leg pants.

Slightly flared high-waisted pants

The design of the micro-lamella will have a more fashionable and thin effect. The position of the thighs of the slightly flared high-waisted pants is better tightened, and the calf position is slightly relaxed, which can make the proportion of the legs more straight. At the same time, if your calves are a little thick but your thighs are relatively slender, it is more suitable for slightly flared high-waisted pants.

From the knee position down, the gradually expanding trouser leg has a more refined and generous beauty. It perfectly conceals the thick feeling on the legs without revealing a hint of flesh. Such slightly flared high-waisted pants, fashionable and fashionable, with platform shoes, are also very good-looking.

Split high-waisted trousers

With the update of fashion trends, the elements of personality are gradually integrated into high-waisted pants. This design of split hem is a more foreign and fashionable shape, and it can also better modify the leg shape, stretch the visual proportions, and increase the beauty of foreign fashion.

High-waisted split pants can be small black pants in solid colors or youthful jeans. The split at the hem adds a lot of color to the plain outfit. Combination booties or high heels can be more fashionable and high.

Matching high-waisted pants

Short jacket + high-waisted pants

A short coat, worn in the early spring season, is also a more timely option. Whether it is a short tweed jacket, or a short cotton jacket and down jacket, it is lighter and more suitable for the weather in early spring.

If the lower body is combined with high-waisted pants, it can also form a ratio of upper and shorter and lower length, better optimize the proportion of the legs, and outline a taller and slender proportion. Of course, the loose short jacket combined with slim high-waisted pants will also appear more upright and more advanced.

Sweatshirt + high-waisted pants

Casual and comfortable sweatshirt, combined with high-waisted corset sweatpants, there is a more fresh and pleasant beauty. The combination of sweatpants and sweatshirt is more casual and comfortable. And the combination of loose and moderate, it is more natural and generous to wear.

In the early spring season, wearing a casual sweatshirt with high-waisted trousers has a more refreshing and casual beauty. How to combine sneakers for more comfortable and natural. The combination of thin boots is more handsome.

Knitwear + high-waisted pants

The combination of knitwear and high-waisted pants adds a more comfortable and comfortable beauty. Knitwear can be a slim cut or a relatively loose style. In fact, knitwear of different shapes can be paired with high-waisted trousers. Slim knitwear is more suitable as an underwear, combined with high-waisted trousers, neat and generous.

The loose-fit knitwear makes use of the short cut, and the design is also very delicate and foreign. This navel-baring design, combined with high-waisted trousers, is stylish and fashionable. The fresh light color is also very suitable for spring.

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