When it comes to popular items in the fashion circle in recent years, there are really too many, but one of them is very easy to be overlooked, that is, culottes, culottes look simple, but in fact full of fashion, and the style of culottes combines the advantages of skirts and pants, which can meet the matching needs of many trendy people.

If your usual wardrobe is only pants or skirts, then it is better to choose one for yourself


Concave shape, better than dresses, more elegant than A-line skirts, beautiful to wear in summer.

What are culottes?

Many people may say what kind of culottes are like, in fact, it is very simple, the name of culottes is named according to its style, culottes have the characteristics of skirts, but also have the advantages of pants, combined to collide with different sparks

。 The overall style of the culottes looks very personal, making it difficult to tell whether it is a skirt or pants, so that you can achieve the effect of wearing two clothes.

\ Style introduction of culottes

The culottes themselves have many designs, and we can continue to see how different culottes are matched, hoping to help everyone.

1. Floral culottes

There is no doubt that the broken flower element is extremely concerned in this season, whether it is broken flower pants or broken flower skirt can effectively show your elegant temperament, and broken flower culottes have a certain sense of fashion,

Give your collocation more ideas

。 The culottes below look extremely novel with floral elements, and when paired with a denim jacket, they look casual.

2. Color-block culottes

Secondly, we can also consider color-blocking culottes, in fact, color-blocking culottes are spliced with two materials or colors, so that the overall fashion can be significantly improved.

For example, the black and white culottes below are very fashionable,

The combination of black and white is just right, showing a romantic and elegant atmosphere, and can also add points to your look and avoid colliding with others.

3. Pleated culottes

You will also find that

Many culottes will combine some pleated designs, pleated culottes look more like skirts, which can make the slit of the culottes more natural, and add the design of pants, so it is better to wear versatile

The white pleated culottes below are fashionable with a black sleeveless top, and the culottes on the lower body combined with the pleated design are full of highlights, reflecting the charm of women and are also very gentle.

How to match culottes?

1. T-shirt + culottes

Culottes are actually very good to match, such as basic T-shirts with culottes is the easiest way to match, entry-level girls can try culottes with T-shirts,

But try to choose a high-waisted design for culottes, and tuck the top into the waistband when matching, so as to define your waist line and create a good figure and long legs.

In summer, when we choose culottes, we can also first consider light colors, light-colored culottes will appear more relaxed with them, and reduce the sense of weight,

White and pink are good, it is easy to match, and the combination with T-shirts is also very gentle.

The styling below combined

Green T-shirt with white culottes

, it looks very fashionable, and the contrast color matching creates a visual highlight and looks more advanced.

2. Sleeveless top + culottes

Sisters in good shape can try sleeveless tops with culottes, and sleeveless pieces define the curves of your arms

If you’re in the habit of fitness, trying this sleeveless top will define your figure to the maximum and create a body advantage. The culottes worn with the lower body can be borrowed from the high-waisted design and combined with the upper body clothing.

3. Shirt + culottes

How to wear a literary white shirt to be more fashionable? Smart girls can try culottes with shirts

, the style of shirts and culottes is different, most shirts give people a feeling of being more simple and capable,

Wear it with culottes to instantly enhance the layering of your look.

For example, we can try suit culottes, or wide-leg culottes, which are very advanced with shirts, and the thin effect is also good.

The black culottes below with a white shirt show a sense of luxury, and the black and white combination is also very simple, and the booties under the feet are more handsome, which can highlight the cool feeling.

The fashion sense of color-block culottes needless to say, the white shirt below with black and white color-block culottes shows a fashionable atmosphere, and the white shirt is particularly simple,

The black and white color-block culottes can highlight a very fashionable feeling, and enhance the fashion sense of the look, looking very foreign, if you are afraid of matching mistakes, you can also start with the basics.

After reading this article, I hope you can not always wear pants or skirts in 2021, try culottes, which have the characteristics of pants and skirts, convenient and versatile, more foreign than the so-called dresses or A-line skirts, and are definitely a weapon for concave shapes.

When matching, we can also give full play to our matching ability, borrowing from shirts, T-shirts or suits and other items with culottes, which can naturally reflect the fashion of the shape.