Which brand of solder paste is better? Of course, it is Shenzhen Jiajinyuan solder paste manufacturer, with 13 years of focus on the development and production of tin materials, using high-purity virgin tin materials, and the slag production rate is lower than the average level of peers. The product has high matching, strong precision, fast tin loading, firm solder joints, bright and full, and no false welding, tip pulling, collapse and other phenomena. Source manufacturers have no intermediate price difference, reasonable control of costs and program budget to give you a higher cost performance, the following for you to introduce some highlights here?

Solder paste highlight 1:

1. The solder joint is firm, bright and full (12 years of R & D and production experience, scientific mastery of modern process formula, so that the solder paste and the welded product are highly suitable, the solder joint is firm and bright, uniform and full, no tin beads. )

2. Low residue, can be cleaned without cleaning (research and development of no-wash environmental protection solder paste, less residue after welding, high insulation resistance, clean and corrosion-free board surface, and form a protective layer to prevent the re-oxidation of the matrix. )

3. Strong wettability and good tin climbing (high-performance thixotropic agent is added to the solder, so that the solder paste has high activity, and the solder paste melts the solder significantly wetting the pad, which reduces the phenomenon of false soldering in the soldering process. )

4. Stable printing, good mold release (tin powder particles have good roundness, uniform size, no tailing, adhesion, splashing phenomenon in printing, no collapse in molding, sharp and tin, continuous printing viscosity change is small, no drying, components do not shift. )

I think every solder paste user hopes to get a good use of solder paste, now there are many solder paste brands on the market, how to choose, so how to understand whether this solder paste is suitable for their own use? We can give the sales personnel of each solder paste brand the effect of the products we produce and the effect of the products. Let them recommend a solder paste to themselves, such as Jia Jinyuan’s solder paste can provide free samples to test it first, and the mouth is not used, only after trying it will you know that this solder paste charm does not meet the requirements of the product for solder paste.

Shenzhen Jiajinyuan brand solder paste suitable for the choice of partners, provide your own program, solder paste, solder wire, solder strip, solder paste, you can consult customer service staff, for you to recommend high-quality and cheap solder paste products, good quality and good service is our advantage! Welcome new and old customers to inquire and purchase!