01.Which is the best way to measure flat ground?

Handheld S5

Handheld car dual-purpose S5pro

02.How to measure area?

Because the model of the acre meter is different and the buttons are different, the setting method before surveying the land is also different. Under normal circumstances, only one lap of the hand-held instrument along the ground edge is required to measure. Before measuring the flat ground, you need to pay attention to the accuracy problem before the measurement, and the accuracy can be displayed below 0.1. If you need to measure slopes or vehicle surveys, you need to set the correct mode of the mu meter in advance.

03.Can it be used in the mine?

It needs to be used outdoors, and there is no signal in the mine cave, so measurement work cannot be carried out.

04.Can steamed bun-shaped plots be measured?

Impossible to measure

05. How to set the mu measuring instrument unit?

(1) On the boot interface, press the [Settings] button to enter the setting interface; (2) Press the [▲] [▼] key to move to the [Unit Settings] option; (3) Press the [OK] button again to enter; (4) Press [▲] [▼] to fine-tune, long press [▲] [▼] to quickly adjust; (5) Press the [OK] key to save, and then press the “Switch” key to exit.

06. How to make statistical records of the mu measuring instrument?

(S5 as an example) (1) On the boot interface, press the [Settings] key to enter the setting interface; (2) Press [▲] [▼] key to move to the “Statistics Record” option; (3) Press the [OK] button again to enter; (4) Press the [▲] [▼] key to move, select data statistics or measurement records; (5) Press the [OK] button to enter and view the detailed record information; (6) Press the “Switch” key to return.

07. What are the conventional accessories of the mu measuring instrument?

Data cable, charging head, lithium battery, instruction manual, lanyard, certificate of conformity (B series dry battery) (waist pack, car charger, flannel bag, lithium battery).

08.Is the S5 measurement accurate?

1~3 acres of land (error less than 0.03 mu), more than 3 acres of land (error less than 2%), distance of 100 meters error less than 2 meters. It is not recommended to measure an area of less than half an acre or so, the smaller the measured area, the greater the error fluctuation, on the contrary, the larger the measured area, the smaller the error will be.

09.Can I send SF Express?

You can make up the difference of 16 yuan to send SF, but because the product has lithium batteries, you can not take aviation, you can only send SF land transportation, and it takes about 3-4 days to arrive after delivery in general areas, and the speed of other express delivery is similar.

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10. Is the slope area calculated by slope or plan?

Automatic recognition of slope area calculates slope area