Sound allows people to communicate, and music is a more advanced form of expression of sound, which contains richer emotions and brings people infinite joy. Noise is very annoying, like this Honda Costa owner likes music very much, but always disturbed by external noise, coupled with the original car audio is not powerful, has not been able to get a good listening experience, for this reason, the owner found Shantou Elvis for a solution!

Modified model – Honda Cositu

Honda Costa Audio Modification Configuration:

Front sound stage: Morey Sea Bili two-way frequency

Rear sound stage: Moreyooth voice two-way frequency

Subwoofer: JBL ten-inch bass

DSP: Graceful Sound 8.12

Bass amplifier: single-channel bass amplifier

Four-door soundproofing: Great White Shark 2% soundproofing 3 layers

Front wheel soundproofing: Great white shark 2% soundproof 5 layers

Group photo of audio equipment

The wheel arc can be said to be the main way for tire noise to invade the interior of the cabin, and the front wheel is close to the engine, and the noise is more obvious, so in order to cut off the conduction path of tire noise, Shantou Elvis modification technicians carried out five-layer sound insulation treatment on the front wheel arc and fender plate to reduce sheet metal resonance, absorb and filter medium and high frequency noise, and minimize tire noise.

The original wheel arc and fender plate do not have any sound insulation measures

The 5-layer sound insulation of wheel arc and fender board can effectively cut off the transmission route of tire noise

The door panel is mainly wind noise intrusion is more serious, the modifier uses great white shark 2% to paste the sheet metal inside and outside the door panel, its high density, hardness, thick thickness, can effectively control the resonance of the iron sheet wind noise and vibration noise barrier in the outside, the door panel sealed into a soundproof box, sound insulation effect is better, while providing a good sound environment for the sound field speaker, improve the sound quality. In order to make the sound insulation effect more ideal, the modification technician also used sound-absorbing cotton to further sound insulation treatment on the door panel cover, which can absorb all kinds of noise at the door panel and block the incoming external noise.

The inner layer of the door panel is treated with shock absorption, and the decorative cover is treated with sound absorption

After solving the noise problem, the original car audio began to be upgraded, the front sound field chose Moray Hai Bili two-way frequency, which integrates a number of Moray patented innovative technologies, with excellent performance, vocal performance is round and natural, smooth and full voice, real sense of scene, the singer’s lips and teeth squirming Buddha clearly emerged, such as singing a cappella in your ears. After careful installation by modifiers, the horn music is given a soul, not just a simple cold product.

The Moray Sea Beauty mid-bass is mounted in place on the front door panel

A recent photo of the Moray Sea Bili mid-bass installation

The Moray Hai Bili tweeter is mounted inside a triangular hood

The rear sound field is equipped with Morayooth two-way frequency, and the combination of the same brand maintains the unity of the sound field, making the cooperation more tacit, the sound level is clear, expressive, and three-dimensional. Plump with a strong fever smell, it is ideal for car owners.

The Moreyot sound mid-bass is mounted in place on the rear door panel

Moreyoot voice mid-bass installation technique is delicate

In the part of the audio source, the technician uses a special wiring harness to insert a beautiful sound 8.12 processor for the host losslessly, which not only has intelligent automatic tuning function, but also can optimize the audio signal to solve the shortcomings of the original car audio signal; and can better locate the sound field, and provide the power amplifier output function to solve the power demand of the speaker and lay a solid foundation for good sound.

The 8.12 processor is lit up after installation

Finally, with a JBL ten-inch cabinet subwoofer, a single-channel bass amplifier is used to increase the lower potential of low frequencies, bringing passionate and dynamic and shocking bass, making the music feel stronger and full of live expression.

Single bass amplifier concealed mounting

The JBL ten-inch subwoofer is housed in the tail box

System Reviews:

The upgraded audio, the performance of the music is clear and natural, full of dynamics, the strong bass makes the music very appealing, easy to let people dance with the rhythm, the owner is very satisfied, the Shantou Elvis modification technology continues to praise.