Retro high-waist versatile small leggings, super elastic and thin, Aimei MM’s matching must-match, the fit is very good, very versatile, hurry up and get one~

Loose-fitting frayed white denim suspenders

It can be worn in all seasons, it will not be stuffy at all in summer, the elasticity is excellent, no silk, no color loss Oh The upper body is very thin and shows long legs, and it is super versatile. You can take whatever you want

This fabric is imitation denim Oh, a versatile small leg pants in spring and summer, black and white, super love a simple, super basic Oh! The trim of the thin waist, the mid-to-high waist oh

Very versatile small-footed cropped pants, mainly because the material is very soft! I recommend it to everyone

Slim stretch fabric, no ball, no dust, no deformation, how long to wear will not change Oh, delicate feeling, high-grade, white pants look more fashionable and temperamental in the spring Oh, can be worn from autumn to spring, you can wear three seasons of pants, the fit is super positive Oh.

High-waisted and small-footed cropped style with thin bottoms and pencil pants

The Korean version introduces the original version, super thin versatile small leg pants, very personal, mainly the material is very soft! No matter how you ride it, it’s beautiful


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