Chinese is a must-have for marriage is the big red wedding kit, but the common problem of the big red wedding kit is dyeing, do you know what the reason is? How to solve this problem? Today, I will take you to discuss this problem together!

First, there is only one truth

Dyeing occurs when any dark fabric is in contact with white fabric for a long time, especially big red fabrics. If you encounter something that doesn’t fade, you need to pay attention because it’s either an all-polyester fabric or it is

Formaldehyde exceeds the standard

According to past experience, the main proportion of people who use the red kit directly without cleaning is the main proportion. Because when the fabric is printing and dyeing, the dye remains in the gap of the fabric, which is not cleaned up, and the friction with the core fabric when used, or the immersion of human sweat will cause the fabric to be dyed more obviously.

Second, the wedding bedding should be washed first

The red wedding kit belongs to the dark fabric, and the white quilt core belongs to the light-colored fabric, and the contact friction between the two is easy to cause dyeing, so the red wedding bedding kit must be washed with water before use, which can not only reduce the occurrence of dyeing, but also help to remove formaldehyde on the fabric.

Of course, due to the different customs and habits in different places, the wedding kit for marriage cannot be cleaned, so you can also choose to remove it the day after marriage for cleaning, and then use it later.

Third, the bedding should be changed frequently to remove the floating color

Due to the red fabric in the previous cleaning process, there is color loss, dyeing; Therefore, everyone should wash the wedding bedding several times in front, preferably once a week, so that the floating color can be removed, so that the quilt core is less stained with red marks. And do not wash and rub with hot water.

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