Don’t look at Wang Zulan’s little one, in fact, he is a rare talent, he can not only act, sing, dance, host, but also compose music and lyrics, but now when it comes to him, the deepest impression is his various funny images, among which women’s costumes are the most impressive.

As a stage actor, Wang Zulan is dedicated, all kinds of thunderous women’s clothing, as long as he can make the audience smile, Wang Zulan dares to challenge, Wang Zulan who dresses as an aunt and aunts dancing in the square together, is there no sense of violation at all.

Wouldn’t it be more interesting to see the GIFs? Standing in the queue of aunts, Wang Zulan jumped even more than aunts.

Compared with the aunt style, Wang Zulan’s deep V sequin dress is called deep, shorts and stockings are simply not too enchanting, but you see him singing, you don’t feel the slightest embarrassment from him, this is Wang Zulan.

Put on the clothes of the bunny girl, step on high heels, and have wavy curls, this style allows us to see the new Wang Zulan, and the sexy Wang Zulan who stepped on the chair makes people really want to spray rice.

The diminutive Wang Zulan looks like a girl as long as he dresses up a little, and this wave head with a sequin hip skirt and black stockings makes him look a little feminine, but his exaggerated expression and movements seem to announce that he is just funny.

The short Wang Zulan can always successfully attract attention in running men, and this thunderous hula dress makes him successfully become a funny role for running men.

Twisting his dancing posture, Tang Yan behind said that he was already laughing so much that he couldn’t dance.

Leaving aside Wang Zulan’s height, his dance foundation is indeed good, no matter how tall his female partner is, he still dances with a radiant look and full of confidence.

Belly dancing with Xue Kaiqi, this waist twisted harder than Xue Kaiqi, just want to say that the director team owes him a set of dance clothes.

I all know that Wang Zulan has a tall wife, but I don’t know that Wang Zulan likes to use dance skills to show affection, and the short Wang Zulan is very fun!

Wearing a punk stud leather coat, Wang Zulan changed into a dance king in seconds, and his domineering look added points to him.

Wearing rabbit ears, Wang Zulan turned into a little cute again, and his cute expression was very cute.

Dancing on the same stage with the actor, this little buttocks successfully killed each other in seconds.

Gege dances like this, the little cousin is still the first time to see, have you been thundered?

Speaking of Wang Zulan’s dancing, I still have to mention the amazing dance he imitated Sun Li, and the dance movements and expressions are comparable to Sun Lixiang.

However, in the process of jumping, Wang Zulan is still difficult to hide the bit quality, this exaggerated expression has countless fans, after you read it, have you been fanned by Wang Zulan?