Recently, when I went out, I found that there were many lively young figures on the street, wearing beautiful little skirts and brightly colored coats, discussing which milk tea shop to go to later, or sharing new things they encountered…

This spirited energy, and I followed a blogger for a long time


Too much like.

The first feeling of egg whites to me was like a box of delicately packed macarons, the first one that came out was red, but you always

I don’t predict what color or taste it will be next.

The egg white I saw today was a sweet girl in a pink sweater, and the next day I changed to a refreshing sea salt look~

The day before, I also saw a French princess with a slight sadness, and immediately unlocked the well-behaved student buff, like a senior who invited you to the library.

Although the style is changeable, she does not achieve it just by constantly buying and buying new clothes, and the outfit is very borrowed from us.

For example, she is very good at using it

Small accessories

Add a bonus to the sweet style, if you have a headache for the girl who lacks highlights and highlights in her outfit, you can completely wear it ~

The other is that the wearing of egg whites is also particularly grounded. In the cold winter moon,

She never wears excessively “cool”.

Wasn’t I looking for warm outfits for you a while ago? It’s sad for me, because most bloggers “want grace and not temperature”, but the egg whites are worn with great respect for Yako in winter, and they pick the kind

Thick and warm thick coat thick sweater.

The point is that she, as a small person of less than one meter six, can actually put this heavy “big quilt” jacket,

Dress stylishly and lightly

Today I picked up the egg whites

6 sets of looks

, see how to dress warm and wet in winter, and return vitality~

The girls should have bought a lot of thick coats, at this time I think the most important thing to learn to wear is to look at the inside! After all, take off your coat indoors,

It’s an inner match.

I’ll teach you a very simple little trick, which is


! This is the rule of wanting to keep warm outdoors in winter and still look fashionable and thin after taking off your coat indoors~

The girl who doesn’t know what to stack is also very simple,

What you wear in autumn, fold in winter.

Can be like egg whites

Layer shirts and sweaters underneath,

It’s much better than wearing a sweater alone!

The printed shirt was originally a bit old-fashioned, but served as an underwear

Only the neckline is exposed,

Let the overall monochrome be very full, is the “very good girl” in the eyes of others.

There may be girls who will tie their shirts into the bottom to raise the waistline, but this is easy to expose the small belly and crotch width, it is better to put the shirt down directly like egg white,

Let’s give the waist line to the short sweater~

The sweetness of the upper body sweater and shirt is enough, and I recommend the denim skirt for the bottom.

Color Basic,

Denim pieces with harder fabrics

, and feminine elements are particularly matched, suitable for daily wear to feel casual, but without losing femininity~

Stepping on a pair of canvas shoes is very energetic, and the color can still echo the coat, so that the whole body will not look mixed.

The second set I want to recommend the most is what most people love and hate

Bright down jacket

looked, after all, the street is black, and if you want to defeat passers-by, of course, you have to wear bright colors.

But many girls think that bright coats are easy to wear cheap, childish feeling, in fact, as long as they are like egg whites

Choose the long model

That’s it~

The longer the length of the coat, the more stable it looks,

It can reduce the childishness brought by bright colors.

But the long coat will crush the person if you are not careful, and the whole person is like a rice dumpling

Don’t worry, we can choose

Proper skin-revealing underwear

, such as short skirts, shorts

(Remember to wear a bare-legged artifact)

, will make the whole look

There is a feeling of breathing

In addition, you can also pay attention to the color of the inner layer and the coat

Strong contrast

, the whole outfit forms several vertical color blocks, rather than pasted into a ball, looks like a large pillar, naturally there is no need to worry about the problem of fat in the long coat.

There are girls who like that

Cool coat

, but worried that he would dress like a man

, there is a “feeling of too much force”. Let’s see how egg whites are worn~

If you want to wear a girly piece like Pi to overcome this comparison, you must have at least one “girl” piece and it all over your body

of style collisions

The egg white chose a feminine floral dress as the underwear, adding a little sweetness to the sassy ~

▲Knitted vest of the same color of the jacket,

It is a careful machine to get rid of the old-fashioned floral dress

Look at the style compared to a “girly” to spicy eyes, or too manly to hold up, or

Lady Man Balance Wind

Be friendlier to most girls.

For this relatively long coat, the core point is not to press the height.

In addition to the short skirts mentioned above, long skirts like this can also be referenced, anyway

Don’t be as long as a coat

, otherwise it feels like being cut across the board and embarrassed off the screen

Also keep in mind that a long jacket with this kind of Martin boots with an inner height is also a height artifact! But remember to be between the cuff of the boot and the skirt

Leave a gap of about 5 cm

, there is white space to appear light.

A lot of girls ask me,

How should I dress to see my family and elders?

My answer is to dress well, in the eyes of your parents, you are a child who does not grow up

The egg white is already well-behaved, and with the blessing of this red horn button jacket, it is alive

“Receive red envelopes and receive soft hands” myself

, but all the elders like it when they see it!

If the style is too “rigid”, it will look like a traditional color like red. Can wear a stylish red,

There will definitely be the blessing of “small embellishments”


Horn buckle + hooded design

Do you think the red coat is still old-fashioned

▲Red jacket with light-colored underwear,

It won’t be too heavy to watch

If you want

“Be good and good”

, you can also wear a beret of the same color. This hat of egg white also has small deer antlers, plus a vitality smile, super festive!

The jacket is cape-style, bottoms are OK

Follow the A-line

, choose an umbrella skirt, blur the dividing line between the upper and lower, and look more age-reducing and cute.

I want to be well-behaved, but I don’t want to dress too festive like the one above. Girls can also choose “bread clothes”.

After the fluffy cotton suit got the name “bread suit”, it came with it

“Stupid cute”

Attributes, wearing it looks chubby, like a freshly baked custard bun in a bakery~

Some girls will say, “But it’s going to be fat!” What’s the use of cuteness. “Actually, just choose

Long sleeves > long clothes

, the whole person will not look fat into a ball.

For bottoms, choose one that is narrower and has a strong sense of drape.

Egg whites are chosen

Very neat tofu pants

, weakens the horizontal extension of the bread suit, and the longitudinal length is naturally lengthened, which is the legendary one meter eight long legs!


Raise the waistline

, At the same time, it is recommended to choose the same color system, the whole form a coherent vertical line, “all legs below the neck” is also so easy~

However, in winter, bright coats are inevitably easy to get dirty, and dark coats are more suitable for wearing. I know that the girl will be worried about giving people a feeling of grayness, in fact, like egg white, inject a little vitality into the details and it will be over~

For example, this cargo jacket with a somewhat worn color is easy to wear at a glance. But the regular collar buckle was changed to

Large fur lapels and white sweater

, Is it not so dull?

There are also some noteworthy little details, this cargo jacket has

Epaulettes+wind shields similar to trench coat design

, there are more straight lines, naturally more lively and more capable than ordinary cotton clothing

Weakens the feeling of bloat

The cuffs are buttonable, so that it goes

The overall contour of the entire upper body is narrowed.

The inner layer is visually connected to the body bones, so

The narrower the cuffs exposed, the thinner they look.

Bottoms we can choose to come with an age-reducing checked short skirt, the length is not long, let it

The overall center of gravity is upward, elongating the proportions.

In winter, I still recommend not exposing a large area of skin, and it is good to put on a bare-legged artifact like egg white with a medium sock, or as mentioned earlier

Strap on a boot

Not bad either.

(The picture comes from the Internet, and if it is invaded, it will be deleted)

Well, when you see this, do you think that fashion does not mean wearing less? Now you can go to the closet and take out a thick coat, and quickly try these tips as I said~