Lost person’s name: Cao Qiuxia

Gender: Female

Age of the lost: 72

Characteristics of the lost: wearing a floral cotton blouse, black trousers, black leather shoes, about 1.6 meters tall, short hair

Lost time: 2022-01-16

Lost location: Henan, Zhengzhou City, near Jiangshan Road, Huiji District

Contact: Mr. Zhang

Contact number: 15603712088

Additional Information: This information is provided by Headline Hunter Star volunteers

Alarm Alerted: Yes

Toutiao Tracing is a free public welfare project launched by Toutiao, dedicated to helping all kinds of separated families reunite. If someone in your family is missing or need to find a long-lost relative, you can submit a request for help through the Toutiao Find Mini Program. Open Toutiao and search for “Seeking” to submit information, if you have any questions, please consult the tracing email: xunren@toutiao.com

【Headline Anti-fraud Reminder】

Solemnly declare: Toutiao tracing is a free public welfare project for the whole country, and the tracing service we provide will not charge any fee. Please don’t trust any stranger asking you to send money, transfer money, or pay to find people through phone calls, text messages, beware of being deceived!