“Genshin”, which just won the world’s best mobile game in 2021 at the TGA Festival some time ago,

Sturdy once again proved to the world that “two-dimensional orthodoxy in China”

(It’s not).

Let the foreigners be impressed in front of a group of cute girls.

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Speaking of “Genshin”, it has been online for 1 year, and the parent company Mihayou behind it has made a lot of money.

The mainstream award “Genshin” is also a big win: App Store 2020 Game of the Year, Google Play 2020 Game of the Year, all chose “Genshin”.

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There are foreign fans on the birthday of the character “Genshin” Kelly, even

A wall of the Roosevelt Hollywood Hotel was chartered to celebrate his birthday.

Next to the Avenue of Stars, opposite the Chinese Theater… The shot is really generous.

Even in Japan, the birthplace of the second dimension, many people are deeply attracted by games, learn to Chinese open a café…

Although “Genshin” has always been accompanied by controversy, this global influence has to be obeyed.

And more importantly, the characters in it are all too cute.

I never expected that it was such a group of cute girls with cute painting styles, but they were fiercely transformed by the official when the Spring Festival was approaching.

Countless players and netizens wailed online:

“The characters of Genshin are miserably harmonious! Black silk, high heels, fishnet socks are gone! ”

Genshin was updated with version 2.4 on January 5, as well as version 2.5, which was the trigger for this event.

As mentioned in the official announcement of Mihayou,

In response to the review request, some characters and performances in the game will be adjusted.

This moment smashed the hearts of many fans and players.

Specifically, it is

The original sexy parts of the character, such as black silk, high heels, and fishnet socks, have been modified into relatively normal pants, shoes and socks.

Wrapped up is called a tight.

Looking at a few comparison charts before and after the modification, it can be directly seen that the exposure of female characters before and after the modification has decreased a lot,

The originally sexy black silk mesh socks have been replaced with normal black pants.

The left is before the modification and the right is after the modification

Someone sent a video crying that the “wife” he worked hard to cultivate is gone, and he won’t be able to eat in the future…

Some players suggested that “Genshin” be directly changed to 18 forbidden games, after all, minors can only play for 3 hours a week, and simply do not do two endlessly, and directly become an “adult game”.

Really good guys…

Someone complained that the newly changed shape seemed to return to the beaches of the west coast of the United States in the thirties and forties of the last century …

Some netizens with a pessimistic attitude also joked that the characters are still wearing too thick, and they simply wear military coats.

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These jokes, derived from skin alterations, more or less express players who can only accept the facts helplessly, a means of self-comfort.

But there are still many people with ulterior motives who have expanded this problem beyond the two-dimensional circle.

Attribute the official behavior to the character styling problem incident named “Shen He” who has just been updated in “Genshin” a few days ago.

Because the new character “Shin He” tights exposed their navel are too sexy, it has caused discomfort and protests from some female players.

In the end, the official announced rectification under the pressure of public opinion,

Erased the navel from the original standing painting.

Now when you update the latest game version, the standing paintings you see are all shapes that have been harmonized.

And this official emergency modification of the shape has also given many whistleblowers confidence, and even some people have shared their experience on the Internet, how to successfully push down the designer of Mihayou.

Therefore, this led to the 2.4 official update to modify the skin is considered to be the result of the previous group of netizens who were dissatisfied with Shen He’s style.

There are even people with ulterior motives who deliberately lead the rhythm on the Internet, trying to introduce the problem to the opposition between men and women.

Some extreme players even hold

“Our original gods are harmonized, you don’t want to live”

The idea is to report all the two-dimensional games on the market…

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Some game enthusiasts on the Internet also expressed their views after learning the news.

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Although this change is tantamount to a crit for players who love Genshin deeply, it is really a bit excessive to introduce the confrontation between men and women, right?

And isn’t it normal for girls to appear in two-dimensional games, is it really deleted and modified because someone reports the official?

Some players asked customer service in detail about this question, and the answer was the same

In response to the provisions of the Publication Management Ordinance, the appearance has been adjusted and changed.

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Current Genshin

The official also compensated the players, 1200 rough stones per player

, can be regarded as putting an end to this matter.

In fact, to be reasonable, as the most successful two-dimensional mobile game at present, “Genshin” is originally a two-dimensional game full of two-dimensional and oriented to the house circle from the style of painting to the gameplay, and it is born with a tendency to “charm the house”.

This is an important factor in the eye-catching nature of this game.

But with the increase of influence, the current “Genshin” has attracted more users from the mobile game circle, the game circle and even outside the two-dimensional circle.

It was also rated as the annual national cultural export key project, and assumed the responsibility of exporting culture to the outside world.

In the past, the two-dimensional circle was aimed at otaku and otaku women, but now the audience of the two-dimensional circle is not only the otaku people.

Put it in mobile games or in the past, maybe it is a more common scale, no one will pay attention to it, now it is definitely not possible, look at what has been drastically changed after the popularity of “Honor of Kings” next door, you will understand.


This is also a relatively niche two-dimensional culture, after the game breaks the circle, must face, not to serve a certain type of people, is a sure thing to do.

The mobile game FGO, which helped Station B gain a foothold before, also made major changes to the standing drawings of the characters, which also caused quite a stir at that time.

Character source Lai guang harmony before and after comparison

But how to find a way out, the most critical thing depends on when the game rating can come out, fundamentally separating adults and minors.

By the way, I really can’t accept the modified shape, and it’s not only the national uniform that can be played, and it is said that this storm has not affected the international service.

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Image source: Xiaoxin, who loves to steal eggs