On this cold day

A mention of the Tangshan people’s winter three-piece

The first thing that comes to mind

It’s not TAs

Sugar-fried chestnuts

Rock sugar gourd

Baked sweet potatoes


Tangshan Nanhu Kailuan Tourist Scenic Area

But there is a different “three-piece”

Beautiful scenery, food and human history

Winter “three-piece”

Let people feel the warmth of winter from head to toe~

Snow sports | Presumptuous hi

The secret of saying goodbye to emo in winter starts from ice and snow sports, and no one can resist the longing and yearning brought by this white world. Whether it’s speeding down the snowmobile on the snow, speeding down the speedy slopes, or taking part in a fierce snowbumper car battle…

In an instant, children let go of the burden of homework, parents forget the troubles of work, and enjoy the warm moment of family.

Snow laughter | Have fun ❄️

Snow really has the magic to make people happy instantly. If you want to call a southerner out, just say, “It’s snowing outside.” But if you want to call a northerner, you have to add “Go, have a snowball fight!” ”

There is not a southerner who does not yearn for a “white head” in the snow, and no northerner can refuse a “battle” in the snow~

Cute Pet Paradise | to interact

Could a cute winter day be a little cuter? Answer: Absolutely!

For many children, the Papuan penguins and snow reindeer with high cold resistance are hot stars in the park. A pair of small hands kept waving in the air, looking forward to an intimate interaction with the docile winter elves~

Lakeside | all-inclusive

Perhaps the ultimate meaning of food lies in achieving happiness. In winter, when the season is full of fireworks, why not spend time together with a variety of food.

A delicious dish that melts the whole heart; A bowl of warm soup that understands you fills the whole inner world with love. The hot and warm restaurant is full of aromas, driving away the harsh winter cold, as if spring has arrived.

International Park | Exotic

Maybe your promise didn’t come true, maybe your trip didn’t happen. However, in the International Park, you can enjoy traveling around the world just by the tip of your tongue.

Being in an exotic space created by food, looking at the brand knives and forks on the table, you immediately have a sense of immersion. Tender and smooth sashimi, full-bodied beer and tantalizing steaks carry diners’ minds further afield…

Kiddo Kids Club parent-child restaurant

For parents who are busy with work and want to free their hands, there is a good place to eat and play, high-value beautiful photos and walk – it is not the Kiddo Kids Club parent-child restaurant.

Let go of anxiety and make getting along with each other more fun. Leisurely enjoy the recording of every check-in place in the restaurant, introduce each ingredient to the children, and explain the lunch story that belongs to only two people.

Kailuan Museum | Probe 寻️

If hometown is a book, then Kailuan Museum is a wonderful page in it, those secrets that have lasted for years, those memories that have been condensed for a long time, are here, waiting for you to explore.

The treasures of the town hall exhibited in the museum, such as the earliest surviving stock in China so far, the “old stock of Kaiping Mining Bureau”, the “sheepskin masked ledger” that has been sealed for a century, the rails on China’s first quasi-gauge railway, and the “Transcript” of the transnational litigation of “Kaiping Mining Rights Fraud and Occupation Case”, record more than 20 firsts in China’s modern industrial history created by Kailuan, leading people to carefully appreciate the unique charm of mining culture.

Railway Source Museum | Amazing

Touching rust spots, walking slowly through the old railway tracks, collecting memories scattered in the long river of history, the waves of time will eventually stir people’s passion.

The birthplace of Chinese railways and locomotives and the source of China’s railways – the beginning of the Tangxu Railway, the China Railway Source Museum is located here. The clear context, detailed historical materials, and three-dimensional display make every visitor amazed.

Tangshan Old Railway Station | Retro

There is a trend with the accumulation of the times, with a unique and charming historical feeling, in the process of fashionable spirits who love beauty chasing fashion trends, sometimes silent and sometimes burst out.

Tangshan Old Railway Station can always hit everyone’s soul in this round of reincarnation, and choose a variety of railway transportation or charming period buildings when taking photos, and the shots are retro blockbuster effects~

Scenic spots, more than a “three-piece set”

If you want the last solar term in winter

Leave more possibilities

Then you might as well come

Create a different memory

Source: Tangshan Nanhu Kailuan Tourist Scenic Area

Tangshan Nanhu Kailuan Tourist Scenic Area