Tires are a very important part of the car, if the tire is flat or there is insufficient tire pressure, then it is still very dangerous on the road. When you drive halfway through the car and find that your tire pressure is insufficient, the car inflatable pump plays a big role. Deli products have been used the most is stationery, but in this kind of equipment also involves a wide range, let’s learn about the knowledge of Deli double cylinder inflatable pump!

First, the working principle of the powerful double-cylinder inflatable pump:

The use of the drive to drive the crankshaft for rotational movement, the crankshaft through the connecting rod to drive the piston for reciprocating motion, the reciprocating movement of the piston uses the volume of the cylinder to change periodically: the intake and exhaust valve at the top of the cylinder periodically opens and closes, and the air sucked in by the suction valve enters the air storage tank through the exhaust valve, exhaust pipe and one-way valve through the exhaust valve, exhaust pipe and one-way valve for user use.

Second, the characteristics of the powerful double-cylinder inflatable pump

1. The double cylinder design has fast inflation speed, adopts permanent magnet core stabilization technology, the motor runs smoothly, reduces the loss of the machine during the inflation process, plus medium 30mm double cylinder work, large displacement, fast inflation.

2. Blue light LCD digital display preset, just press the “+” “_” key to set the tire pressure value, and then press the “unit” key, you just need to wait for the tire to automatically charge.

3. Double cylinder safety shield, inflatable pump uses double cylinder protective cover safety heat shield made of ABS material, rapid heat dissipation, safe use, not easy to burn hands.

4. Dual-use power taking mode: one smoke device + battery

5. Cigarette lighter to take electricity (built-in fuse, overload power off protection), battery clamp to take electricity (current 15A + please use battery clamp).

6. Foldable hand-held, folding hand-held design, easy to carry and comfortable to handle.

7. 2.6m extension trachea, equipped with 2.6m extension trachea, help your car can be used from front to rear wheels, so that distance is no longer a problem.

8. Shock absorption soft rubber pad, effectively reduce the vibration generated by the machine work, so that the inflatable pump can smoothly convey air.

9. Copper inflatable nozzle, rotary inflatable nozzle is made of copper metal material fine workmanship, effectively prevent air leakage.

The double-cylinder inflatable pump inflation speed is faster than that of the single cylinder, which also leads to a high requirement for current, so the double bar generally uses the car battery to take electricity, the double cylinder is generally used for SUV or SUV or those models above, the single cylinder can reach 3 pressures, and the double cylinder can reach 7 pressures. Kunshan Jiuxing Hardware and Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in agent forceful pliers tools, measuring tools, welding tools, set tools, etc. The above-mentioned two-cylinder inflatable pump is one of the company’s main products, allowing you to “enjoy safe travel” inflatable pump, travel always have a powerful inflatable pump to prevent tire pressure instability, air leakage, so that you travel worry-free and at ease.