What is vintage in terms of motorcycles? What is charm? Each manufacturer will give a different answer. But if you want to succeed, you need to lay the foundation for comprehensive strength. What is

“Comprehensive strength”? The answer lies in the shaping, materials, workmanship, configuration, and power platform of a car, which is the embodiment of the manufacturer’s strength, either plus points or minus points, and the final result is “comprehensive strength”. The Zongshen Yami we felt this time

, very illustrating the problem…

The little pepper tastes full

In fact, now Yami has begun to show a “net red car” trend in the car fan group, and most of the young fans are interested in this car. It’s also interesting: so many retro cars on the market have not been able to block the light of this little retro curved beam, why?

If you come across one


, Leaning over and taking a closer look, you will feel that the reason is actually very simple. The first is styling. Most people with normal aesthetics see it at first glance

There are only two words that can come to mind: beautiful. Looking at the domestic motorcycle world, from the beginning




Among the many models in the heyday of the curved beam before and after, which one has to be used in terms of appearance

Kill in seconds.

is a new definition of the curved beam car shape – the personalized horn-shaped nose, striking shiny encrypted spoke rims, the elegant and antique split color-block seat cushion, the antique handlebar and handlebar shape at both ends, the chrome retro mirrors and exhaust pipes, the front and rear sleeves retro shock absorption, and the compactness embedded in the rounded nose


Headlights, classic-style gauges with white circles on a black background, wide and sleek front and rear fenders… All this is full of classical, fashionable, charm, and the high level of workmanship that a large car factory should have.


It is a retro beam bending car that is quite well done, almost all aspects are full of antiquity, if there are flaws, here only represent the author’s personal point of view to talk about its turn signals: arrow cluster shape

The turn signals are a bit out of line with the shape of the whole car, and if they are round, they will be more suitable.

In short, Yami is a small curved beam that makes people feel “unharmed”, the overall shape is full of “natural” smoothness, and there are few deliberate carving marks in the delicateness, which looks solid and cute and intriguing.

It feels great…

It is obviously inappropriate to pursue performance for a small car with this positioning of Yami like other models – you think, one is not available


How fast can a small curved beam engine with displacement go? But if you ignore the car’s dynamic performance because of this, maybe it will surprise you again.



In fact, it is not a simple engine, Zongshen can have today’s achievements, it is also one of the biggest contributors, this reliable, durable and fuel-efficient leather engine has been produced


10,000 units, it is recognized as one of the best curved beam car engines in the industry, and a large number of models equipped with this engine appear in Southeast Asia and many countries and regions. Came

On the body, this mature engine, which is almost sold worldwide, has found a new place to use, and it is very active – easy drive is insufficient


The body accelerates smoothly, runs smoothly, and the top speed can be exceeded


Not yet strenuous, uniform speed


It is especially comfortable left and right, the sound is smooth and the throttle is responsive, and the feeling of “pulling the car” is great…

In terms of driving feel, Yami’s biggest highlight is lightness – dual clutch, loop


The engine is particularly easy to pick up, and it is as smooth as moving clouds at moderate speeds. Moreover, the tire specifications of this car are larger than those of ordinary curved beam cars, and the grip is stronger, plus exceeding


The wheelbase setting, the stability of the body at high speed is far from comparable to the general curved beam model, and the large-sized front and rear drum brakes are not just for retro styling and reduced to decoration (reliable), if you are interested in having a good time, this decent car will not embarrass you. From the driving position to the suspension settings, this car feels comfortable, and the driving texture complements the refined overall vehicle style.

Obviously, Yami, which is full of charm and full of light and flexible power, is more suitable


Fashionable young people around the age of the year, and the current model is also constantly improving the workmanship and materials, more able to meet the pickiness of young people, such as the automotive-grade paint process, the proper performance in the dynamic and the visual experience of moving the artwork when static, as well as the front small shelf, the shelf under the removable rear seat, the storage compartment on the inside of the front panel and even


The interface and other life-friendly designs add charm to this small curved beam suitable for urban casual cycling, which is really fun and easy to use. The selling price is insufficient


The high cost performance of yuan is the highlight of this car.

Think about it, riding this vintage little curved beam with taste and personality, shuttling through the scooters full of streets, who is the most beautiful boy?