Beijing, 11 Feb (Xinhua) — Traditional Chinese medicine blows the “national tide wind”

Xinhua News Agency reporter Tian Xiaohang

As Chinese medicine culture is increasingly integrated into public life, traditional Chinese medicine and modern science and technology, contemporary cultural trends “embrace each other affectionately”, blowing a “national tide wind”.

Recently, the traditional Chinese medicine animation image “Moxibustion Child” was unveiled in Beijing. This lovely Chinese medicine “primary school apprentice” is dressed in traditional clothes, combed in a bun, marked with acupuncture points on his body, and the gourd on his waist highlights the organic and natural characteristics of Chinese medicine, reflecting the inner essence of the unity of nature and man in Chinese medicine culture.

Entrusted by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Chinese Association of Chinese Medicine organized and carried out the selection of Chinese medicine health culture (animation), and “Moxibustion Child” is the selected Chinese medicine animation image winning works.

Designing an animation “spokesperson” is a new attempt to promote Chinese medicine culture through innovative communication methods. In fact, as early as a few years ago, relevant departments and localities began to explore the expression of traditional Chinese medicine in a trendy form to popularize the cultural concept of Chinese medicine and the basic knowledge of Chinese medicine.

Since November 2018, the Office of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Propaganda Department of the Communist Youth League Central Committee and Fujian University of Chinese Medicine have worked closely around the dissemination of Chinese medicine culture to jointly develop a series of comic products on Chinese medicine health culture for teenagers, which have been continuously launched in the “Youth League Health Small Class” column of the WeChat public account of the Communist Youth League Central Committee. On this basis, in 2020, the popular science book “Mandarin Chinese Medicine: Tuan Tuan Health Small Class” was launched.

The communication path of “book + new media” has shown an exponential growth trend in the amount of communication. According to data from the WeChat public account of the “Communist Youth League Central Committee”, the average number of readings of the “Youth League Health Class” exceeded 100,000 times, and the cumulative number of readings exceeded 20 million.

From the Chinese medicine cultural documentaries “Bencao China”, “Hanging Kettle Lingnan” and “Materia Medica” 2, to the Chinese medicine cartoon “Ben Herbal Spirit” and the Chinese medicine animated short film “The Magic of Fingers”… Excellent Chinese medicine videos and animation creations have continued to emerge in recent years, frequently setting off a “Chinese medicine fever” in China.

In addition to the “avant-garde” way of communication, the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern science and technology is becoming more and more close.

Follow the AI big screen to play Tai Chi, extract Chinese medicine blind box gifts, and watch the three-dimensional demonstration of human meridian acupuncture points… In the main media center of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the traditional Chinese medicine culture exhibition space full of science and technology makes foreign friends linger.

According to the News Center of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, the traditional Chinese medicine culture exhibition space is in the form of an immersive multi-functional exhibition hall, through AI, 3D printing, transparent screen, touch screen, sliding rail, dynamic light box and other technologies, to comprehensively display the breadth and depth of traditional Chinese medicine culture, the development and progress of traditional Chinese medicine industry and the contribution of traditional Chinese medicine to the world.

The reporter visited the Chinese Medicine Experience Hall of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and also saw that in addition to the traditional exhibition methods, it also presents Chinese medicine culture through electronic interaction methods such as sound, light, electricity, simulation and film and television synthesis, and is equipped with high-tech Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment instruments such as traditional Chinese medicine pulse information collection management system.

Even the Shenzhou 13 astronauts who are far away in space have also enjoyed Chinese medicine health services full of science and technology. A video recently released by the China Manned Space Engineering Office shows that researchers have prepared a tool for astronauts for relaxation physiotherapy – portable acupoint stimulation devices. This set of devices can be used after charging, and there are special designs for different body parts to escort astronauts’ health in orbit.

In order to strengthen the protection, inheritance, dissemination and promotion of Chinese medicine culture, in 2021, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other five departments issued the Implementation Plan for the Dissemination of Chinese Medicine Culture (2021-2025). It mentioned that we should make full use of new technologies and new applications, support the launch of a number of Chinese medicine cultural products aimed at different audiences, create a number of Chinese medicine documentaries, animations, short videos and other literary and artistic works that carry the cultural connotation of Chinese medicine, and tell Chinese medicine stories well.

The plan also proposes to select and build a number of Chinese medicine cultural experience venues integrating health and wellness knowledge, health care experience, leisure and entertainment based on the Chinese medicine culture publicity and education base, and make full use of digital voice, panoramic image, three-dimensional image, virtual reality, augmented reality and other technical means to form a distinctive Chinese medicine culture dissemination and display system.

“Vigorously promoting the culture of traditional Chinese medicine” has been listed as the focus of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the new year. The news from the recently held 2022 National Conference of Directors of Traditional Chinese Medicine came out: in 2022, the project of promoting Chinese medicine culture will continue to be implemented, encourage and guide the creation of Chinese medicine cultural boutiques, create a series of “moxibustion” series of animation communication products and cultural and creative products, and launch the online exhibition hall of the national traditional Chinese medicine culture publicity and education base… Seize the favorable opportunity for the construction of Chinese medicine culture to be included in the overall situation of the inheritance and development of China’s excellent traditional culture, further strengthen the interpretation of the connotation of Chinese medicine culture, enrich the forms of communication, and better integrate Chinese medicine culture into the production and life of the masses.

In the new year, what kind of new image will Chinese medicine show to the public? Let’s wait and see.