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Hello, hello sisters! Just after the summer solstice, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, are you more and more reluctant to go out? The happiest time of the day for me is to sit on the sofa with the air conditioner on, put on a comfortable pajama, and cook a drama while eating watermelon!

So a comfortable nightwear is super important, today to everyone Amway

6 pajamas shops in my private collection

, the appearance and comfort of each family are online, let’s come to Kangkang ~

â–²Reference price: 60~140 RMB

Her family is all comparative

Simple basics

, the material is mostly pure cotton, very skin-friendly, super comfortable to wear! There are many choices of colors and prints, as well as Disney co-branding, and the quality control is very stable,

The price is basically around 100 yuan, which is very cost-effective!

Her couple’s fried chicken, fiery and festive Mickey or the cute Winnie the Pooh are all cute and lovely!

The loose short-sleeved skirt is also very easy to wear, without any body restrictions, so you can wear it freely! There are also on the side

Built-in pocket design, go out to get a courier to put a key mobile phone is super convenient~

Available in light pink, lake blue and lavender purple, simple solid color, gentle and enduring!

The slip nightdress is also very suitable for summer, cool and comfortable, and the swaying skirt makes you walk with the wind. And

Built-in coaster, it will not be embarrassing to wear alone~

Available in creamy tea, light pink, lilac and spade, all of which are healing.

Simple and convenient to move the suspender set can not forget ah, cute strawberry bear is super cute, elastic band design to eliminate the trouble of walking light, pajama pants on both sides of the trouser pockets, super convenient to hand ~

Reference price: 40~120 RMB

Pajamas at her house

Japanese cute wind,

All kinds of small strawberries, small flowers, peaches… Full of vitality, wearing it will make people have a natural desire to protect.

Green broken flowers on a white background, super fresh and cute, cuffs and skirts have sweet wood ear designs, full of girly feel~

Available in 4 colors of blue, yellow, pink and green, all look good, the fabric is thin cotton, soft and undantable, but

There will be a lost shrinkage after cleaning, so you can buy a little bigger ~

Super white color, wearing out is also very good-looking, the chest folds and lace are in the right position, without underwear downstairs to take out the garbage will not be embarrassing, super real wear!

There are also peach pajamas that make people fall in love at a glance, pink and tender are super suitable for summer, wearing a sweet and soft peach smell~

Reference price: 60~160 RMB

The overall style of this home

Partial Japanese and Korean small fresh,

The price is also beautiful, and the student party can pickpick~

The sky blue nightdress is simple and attractive, the shoulder straps are adjustable, and it has a quiet and elegant feeling, pure and lust~

The short-sleeved shorts set is the simplest and most practical pajamas, the cotton fabric feels delicate and drapes well, easily covering small flesh. However, this set is slightly smaller in size, and sisters who like a loose fit remember to buy a size bigger Oh~

The literary and artistic floral slip dress, the broken flowers on the skirt are decorated with clean and elegant, full of literary and green atmosphere.

The pure white nightdress that will not show off is super suitable for lazy people, lazy and fashionable~

PJM’s designer Zhendi really understands the careful thinking of girls, and it is OK to wear pajamas directly to go shopping! The styles are also diverse, the clothes are beautiful and priced conscientiously, super easy to shop!

The animal print has a free and uninhibited feeling, the ice silk feels soft and flowing, and it is so comfortable to wear on the body that you don’t want to take it off.

The ice silk slip dress with a cool feeling, the lace design of the V-neck, delicate with a hint of temptation, sexy but not tacky, more feminine.

The simple lace slip nightdress drapes well and has a clean feeling. The fit is very loose, all kinds of body types can be worn, walking and walking the dog is OK.

The light nude pink base is embellished with a pale green print in a gentle and harmonious tone. Vine-style floral entanglement, retro and modern atmosphere~

Reference price: 60~200 RMB

The colors of her home are basically pure cream white or milk pink, and each piece will have tulle, lace or bow, and the details are exquisite.

Most of them are fairy and full of court style

, sweet and a little sexy, like sisters come to Kangkang!

Clear lace panels highlight the high waistline, exquisite daisy embroidery is beautiful, the comfort is very good, and the quality of sleep is improved after wearing it, every day is a good mood!

The delicate lace V-neck outlines the slender neck line, the mesh sheer triangle at the waist, dreamy comfort does not strangle the waist, full of princess style, wear it from dusk to twilight can do a cute little public move.

With lace, bows and other elements, super super fairy, wearing it is like immersing yourself in sleep, you can encounter one fairy tale after another. There are 4 colors of off-white, soft pink, light purple and mint green, all of which are very good-looking, and the disadvantage of this one is that the neckline is slightly lower, so I mind the little sister to choose carefully.

The comfortable A-line fit is topped with a square neckline and puff sleeves for a slimming effect. The outer layer of tulle is very silky, light and flowy to the touch, and super flexible.

Reference price: 400~1000 RMB

Her home is a London-based loungewear brand with a neutral design with a touch of French romance, due to

The fabrics are mostly pure silk, so the price is on the higher side

, suitable for sisters who seek texture.

The pleated design on the chest easily breaks the restraint and dullness, the low-saturation avocado green is very white, and the shoulder straps, although not adjustable, are designed just right, not very low-chested.

This set of pearl white + green trim set is also very good-looking, white and dignified, short-sleeved shorts are more convenient for daily activities, the disadvantage is that the tightened cuffs are not friendly to sisters with worship meat~

There are black and white colors to choose from, the print is full of artistic sense, and the outside is also very nice, casually put on a blazer, are the aura of the female president!

The silk pajamas with a superb sense of luster and a huge silky touch can make you feel like you have fallen into a gentle country every night. Very light and thin, wearing on the body like a cloud across the body, there is no sense of restraint, really heartfelt!

Suitable pajamas can sleep well, sleep well to good skin, good skin can save money on expensive skin care products! In this way, buying a comfortable nightwear is super cost-effective?

Then today’s “Pajama Amway” is sauce! Have the sisters all got their favorite new pajamas? I wish everyone a super peaceful sleep throughout the summer~

Reference price: 60~160 RMB