Every summer, all kinds of T-shirt tops are hot items, Xiaobian brought Qiushui Yiren women’s crewneck T-shirt tops, beautiful eyebrows don’t miss it!

01 Akushui Ito patch T-shirt

This Qiushui Yiren patch T-shirt, with a classic and generous round neck, defines the face shape to show the soft neck line, and the abstract and exquisite patch design, fashion and dynamic, highlighting the youthful vitality.

02 Autumn water Ito lace top

Autumn Water Yiren lace T-shirt top, straight regular fit, thin and versatile, sweet puff sleeve design, chest panel lace composite fabric, slightly transparent, pure and sexy charming.

03 Akizu Ito lace T-shirt

With mesh panels on the sleeves and plain patchwork at the neckline and hem, this Qiushui Yiren women’s T-shirt has a simple and elegant style, and the lace looks fresh and feminine.

04 Akushui Ito lace paneled T-shirt

The stylish versatile Qiushui Yiren lace-paneled T-shirt features a fresh vintage print that highlights the beauty of feminine elegance, and a round neck design with a natural elegance and a charming collarbone looming over the charm.

05 Akisui Ito five-sleeved lace T-shirt

Striped top paneled with elegant lace fabric, the lace part appears to have a soft neckline line, the simple style reveals sexy ingredients, Autumn Water Yiren summer wear new women’s T-shirt top.

After seeing these beautiful Akushui Iren T-shirt tops, choose one for yourself if you like it!