It is said that girls love to see beautiful women more than boys, and I am no exception. Two days ago, I brushed Weibo and saw Liu Shishi’s hot search that surprised everyone, not to mention passers-by, I was also properly impressed by Shishi’s appearance.

And just the day before this hot search, Liu Shishi was also praised by netizens for her temperament by participating in the CHANEL “Lady’s Castle” high-end handicraft workshop series activities. I have to say that this CHANEL classic skirt worn by Shishi adds a lot to her overall aura, showing her gentle and intellectual temperament.

As a beautiful sister recognized by everyone, Liu Shishi is very suitable for wearing half skirts, and she also has her own set of aesthetics in half skirts. For example, recently she wore a summer denim blue skirt, and staged a refreshing contrast with the lemon yellow bag.

She also wore a CHANEL skirt at the VOGUE Film event before, with a simple skirt printed with Chanel’s camellia and logo, and a white turtleneck top, the overall outfit was not a trace of burden, and it looked gently bubbling.

This blue pleated skirt is also very temperamental on her, not overly feminine, but also highlights her casual side, and the same color outfit also shows her good figure.

Even on rainy days, she can wear a skirt with a charm, the black gauze skirt is full of mystery in the atmosphere of the dark tones of the rainy season, and the red print element also releases her innocence, quite a lively personality of playing in the rain.

Seeing this, I can’t help but want to wear a skirt and enjoy a beautiful summer. So I recently also bought a wave of fashionable and thin skirts, this time share with everyone, let’s take a look together~


Printed skirt

Printed dresses are available every year, but it’s not easy to choose a versatile and not tacky style. Every summer I prefer bright skirts, and this printed bright skirt that I recently planted is really my favorite, multi-color panels but do not fall into the stereotype, it is a typical messy and not messy, even people like me who are used to wearing minimalist style immediately started.

The print of this skirt is very artistically designed, combined with the texture of oil painting, and the color is light and dark, and when you wear it, you have the feeling of turning the oil canvas into a skirt. The florals on the skirt are more hand-painted, making the print look less rigid and monotonous. Such a pattern design can not only make summer wear more eye-catching, the use of color to increase the sense of layering, cute prints also play an age-reducing effect, wearing is also very white, in the color is also basically not picky type.

The fabric of the skirt is also relatively light and thin, with a bit of satin fabric feeling. It feels cool to wear, the smooth texture is very skin-friendly, and it will not tie the legs at all. There is also a slit on the side to maximize leg movement and avoid tightness. The skirt length is just up to the calf belly, which basically meets the decent needs of all occasions in daily life, and is properly versatile.


Slim skirt

Another printed skirt I bought this summer is naturally this blue slim skirt. It is also a print element, but the flower case of this one belongs to the graffiti style that both young people love with personality. The print composed of a few leaf shapes on the skirt is simple and more fashionable. Sapphire blue is also fresh and natural to wear in summer, and it is very personal with graffiti prints.

Don’t look at the straight shape of this skirt, but it is very friendly to the figure of the pear-shaped girl. The skirt is not a single straight edge, but is designed to lift upwards, so that an upward curve can be formed at the thighs, so that the thighs line appear a slimmer part, so as to achieve the purpose of thinning. The creases formed at the crotch have become another trendy element this year, and it can also effectively cover and weaken the crotch width visually, truly achieving fashion and thinness.

Although many girls feel that bright blue like this is not a good match, I really think that blue is a relatively unpicky color compared to other bright colors. I wear it directly with a white T-shirt every day. But because the skirt itself is a sweet and cool style, I will choose a T-shirt with shoulder pads on the top to increase the aura.


Wrapped in silk skirt

I wear so many skirts, but if you want to say that the coolest in summer, it must be a satin skirt. This satin skirt that I recently fancy can be said to be comfortable and fashionable, not to mention breathable, even the appearance is very high, there is no reason not to love it. If you’re also a hot star-phobic, you can really try wearing a satin skirt, and believe me, you don’t want to take it off.

The texture of this satin skirt is very silky, and it feels like a cool milk bath when worn in a cool milk bath, and it feels great to be refreshed. The skirt belongs to a wrap design, and there is no tightening feeling when worn, like a silk scarf, which visually looks lazy and beautiful. The waist of the skirt is also very special, and the mid-length ribbon is casually draped over the waist side, slightly revealing the cut of the bathrobe dress. I usually wear it and feel like I’m on vacation, completely uninhibited, and the body feels so good.

In addition to the fit, the print of this skirt also has a bit of Chinese charm. The whole skirt is composed of orange and green, and the national style landscape map is all over the skirt, like an elegant and beautiful ink painting, which is very suitable for girls with intellectual temperament. You can usually mix it with the basic white T, which is simple and easy to build your personality.


Hip-wrapped slit skirt

On a hot summer day, I also made a stylistic change, which was to buy a red skirt that was full of enthusiasm. Although the bright red color is very eye-catching, it does not feel hot at all, and it is unexpectedly white when worn, and even the temperament becomes gentle. Therefore, red is also very suitable for wearing in summer.

I especially like the shape of this dress, the apple-shaped cut is designed to be inward-pulling at the waist and hem, but has a slightly outward silhouette at the crotch. In this way, girls with large crotches and thin waists can dress more appropriately, avoiding the embarrassment that the crotch cannot be worn and the waist is much larger. A double-breasted button is also added to the middle of the skirt, and the metal texture is very textured, and on the basis of the decorative skirt, it can also increase the aura, so as not to make the red too feminine. The slit part of the skirt is also very decent, and the position of the thighs can be thin without delaying freshness.

It is not difficult to match big red, for example, I will match red with light blue in my daily life. Since the skirt is more formal, then the top can choose a shirt or T-shirt, and then use the hem of the shirt to add ease to the overall style, and it looks less dull.

The happiest thing in summer is walking the tree-lined paths in a skirt. What type of skirt do you like to wear this summer? Leave a message and share it with us