Girls’ summers always seem tangled, wanting sleeveless hot pants to cool down, and afraid that sunglasses and parasols will still tan. At this time, neutralize, come to a pair of seven-point or cropped pants that will not be hot, and spend the summer super appropriate~

01 If you don’t pursue black or royal blue, or all kinds of majesty, then the choice of commuting cropped pants becomes extraordinary. Fresh nude powder with a printed top, the rookie who has just entered the workplace is slightly capable, and the supervisor who is in the first place looks young.

02 Looking at a variety of tight-fitting and fleshy styles of jeans, it is really tearful to think about the difficulty of seeing a suitable pair of loose jeans. I like the style of washing old but not shabby, slightly striped haran but not exaggerated, rolled up and put down the cropped pants that are all scenery seriously, and buy and cherish it.

03 A girl with slender and straight legs and a slightly shy heart is more suitable for the length of cropped pants than short hot pants. Because the legs are long, there is no need to worry about the length just above the knees and the legs will appear short. Candy color elements? Of course, it’s very cute.

04 Afraid that the little fat legs and small belly will affect the wearing effect, so I have to try it in my heart but have never put it into practice, plus-size cropped pants are worth having Oh~ It is still the colorful color of candy, the elastic waist three-dimensional cut, not seeking to be completely thin even part of it is very good.

05 Being in the workplace is like floating in the rivers and lakes, and there are always some people who can’t help themselves. Sometimes it’s the style of clothing, sometimes it’s the length of the color. If you want to be a little more showy, the satin-like ginger color is a good choice. The design of the black waist and triangular pseudo slip pocket adds a sense of fashion, and the waist and crotch look a little thinner~

06 With a slight exoticism, you can make the arcade version of cropped pants different. The chiffon pants are added to the loose form of harlan elements, and the outer gauze resembles a Persian dancer dancing with silver bells in distant regions. It’s also great to go shopping and out.

07 Even if you don’t lose weight into a bolt of lightning, you can’t stop the enthusiasm to fight against the whole summer. The warm red and tender pink are undoubtedly killers for women. The low-key curl just reaches the ankle, revealing the slender ankles, which is simply blinding the eyes of countless passers-by.

08 The power of science makes people know that black carries a little sun in the summer, but there are still many true love fans that cannot be abandoned. The linen cropped pants are breathable and soft, and the Harlan pants don’t have to worry about clinging to the body, so you don’t like to wear shorts and skirts.

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