The diversity of love, you may never have anticipated. And the couple from the watch world, the sense of design is more interesting: the Golden Bridge series is the golden signature of CORUM Kunlun watches, and this time the Golden Bridge series is presented with snowflakes and diamonds, catering to the winter climate, and more like sprinkling sugar on the ice crystals between the wrists, which is enviable, but also makes people want to stop. Kunlun watch snowflake set diamond watch, with a unique new diamond setting process – “snowflake” decoration, express the longing and cherishing between lovers, and express the love story exclusive to you.

(Kunlun watch gold bridge snowflake set with diamonds)

Kunlun watches with snowflakes and diamonds, the two watches using the “snowflake” setting process are the Golden Bridge watch with a 34×51mm barrel-shaped case and the Golden Bridge Women’s Watch with a 21×43mm barrel-shaped case. The case of both watches, including the crown, is paved with fine diamonds throughout, which complements the rectangular movement mounted vertically inside the case. The Golden Bridge watch is set with 314 diamonds and the Golden Bridge Women’s watch is set with 245 diamonds with a total diamond weight of 2.68 carats and 1.28 carats respectively.

Kunlun watch gold bridge snowflake set diamond pair watch (white gold model)

Kunlun watch gold bridge snowflake set with diamonds (rose gold model)

Kunlun Watches with Snowflake Sets with Diamonds and Watches with High Jewelry craftsmanship, using a new diamond setting technique – “snowflake” decoration, each diamond is carefully positioned. Fitting each diamond differently requires a distance accurate to the micron. This process does not follow any established rules and breaks the standardized pattern that all diamonds in brilliant-cut and baguette-cut diamond setting processes are replaceable.

The “Snowflake” decoration process is a unique diamond setting process of Kunlun Watch, in which diamonds of varying quantities, cuts and sizes are set tightly and completely covered with the metal surface, and finally form an overall effect like a mural or expressionist style painting, arranging the brilliant diamonds one by one, forming a harmonious and coherent picture.

This unique process requires the experience and pioneering spirit of the master diamond setting. This is an extremely meticulous process that eliminates uniform setting patterns and requires each prong to be machined separately to secure the diamond set.

(Kunlun watch gold bridge snowflake set with diamonds)

(Kunlun watch gold bridge snowflake set with diamonds)