Truly elegant women will not pursue excessive skin exposure, simple dignified dress is very atmospheric, among many female stars, Liu Shishi is really a clear stream, she is beautiful in the bones, temperament is silently emanating, this time wearing one

Blue silk dress

Debuted, exuding their elegance and charm to the greatest extent,

Design of balloon sleeves

Effectively enhance the overall sense of shape,

The cut of the V-neck is also quite feminine

Let’s take a look together.

Highlight (1): Blue

Blue is a very fresh one among many colors, its advantage is refreshing atmosphere, especially in line with the gentle feminine temperament, will not be as enthusiastic as red, will not be as dull as black, very suitable for hot summer, because it will play a visual cooling role, so that as long as you choose a solid color of the piece can let you exude elegant lady temperament, especially Liu Shishi’s light blue, is more elegant and atmospheric.

Highlight (2): Satin material

The brilliance of this dress lies in the fabric, which is cleverly integrated with silk satin material throughout the body, which was once a fabric that only nobles would use, and now it is increasingly becoming an artifact of elegant goddess concave shape, it is silky to the touch, with a very natural luster, it looks particularly delicate and textured, and it will also bring a very cool experience when fitting on the body, dignified and atmospheric.

Highlight (3): Layered tailoring

Now more and more women will pursue layered tailoring, Liu Shishi’s dress is designed very simple and atmospheric, the cuffs are set with a slightly curved balloon sleeve design, to the wrist part is tightened, which will create a relaxed and measured sense of déjà vu.

The V-neck cut will play a role in defining the shape of the face, and the waist design will outline your delicate waist and perfectly divide your upper and lower body proportions, which is friendly to small cuties.

The years are really friendly to beauty, even if Liu Shishi is 34 years old this year, she still looks as beautiful as a teenage girl, and after wearing this dress, she becomes an elegant celebrity in minutes, showing her charming and moving brilliance.

If you also want to wear a dignified charm, let’s take a look at Liu Shishi’s style, chic and advanced:

Style 1: Shirt matching

First: The difference with bottoms

Shirts are definitely a must-have in women’s wardrobes, and its wearing advantages are superior shape, smooth cut, and the requirements for the figure are not too high, even if it is minimalist

Pure white shirt

, You can also show the trendy style through the matching of bottoms.

The “1+1” solid color combination method is very practical

, just like Liu Shishi’s look, the top is a pure white shirt, and there is a pair underneath

Earthy shorts

, has a certain effect on the skin tone, and the combination with white will not look too obtrusive.

A clever blend in a shirt on a white background

Blue print

After that, it will be more refreshing and neat, and we can combine it when matching”

Combination of hard and soft

Softer shirts with stiff denim skirts will look more textured.

(2) Clever layering

The shirt is very fashionable to wear alone, and the layering is not inferior, you can learn from Liu Shishi’s matching method and use it

Leather vest

When layered, this creates rich layers, and the leather fabric is already smooth,

Use the cropped cut to create a high waistline and pair it with high-rise trousers.

We can also take advantage of it

Long shirt + slip skirt

, so that it is more girly, very friendly to young women, age reduction and youth.

(3) Chiffon shirt

If you want a little more femininity, I recommend giving it a try

Chiffon shirt

The collocation, it passes

Tulle panels

It has a semi-sheer effect that will faintly reveal your fair and delicate skin, which we can use

Balloon sleeves

to create a bit of a dynamic temperament, this will inject a sense of breath into the whole, will not make you look too monotonous, and neutralize the feeling of being too sexy.

Style 2: Small fragrant set

Small fragrant wind

“It is a favorite of many female stars and celebrities, and its advantage is that it is exquisite and gorgeous, and it will pass.”

Delicate weaving with tweed texture

To create a high-grade texture, the ingenious integration of red and black checks effectively adds to the British temperament,

Metal buttons

The embellishments also infuse the whole with a natural metallic sheen.

If you think the red color looks too fancy, then the white suit will also be a good choice, it will make you exude a refreshing and gorgeous temperament, which is a must-have in the wardrobe of celebrities.

Real simplicity and high-class is the most beautiful, compared to those cumbersome designs, rich layers of simple shapes seem to be more loved by modern women, in short, according to Liu Shishi, you can’t go wrong.

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