For many office workers, it is necessary to attend many formal occasions from time to time, so daily business sense must not be less!

But for many traditional business wear, because of the tight fit and the non-elastic nature of the fabric, it will feel very constrained after wearing.

Today, Xiaobian brought 3 sets of minimalist business sense outfits,

Loose fit and comfortable fabric

, so that you can get a little rest in addition to busy work~

01 Black stand-up collar shirt with black straight-leg suit pants

The simple and high-grade black combination directly enhances the texture of our matching. Say goodbye to a tight fit and choose a loose shirt that may be less selective.

Pants choose to match straight suit pants, simple and neat styling combination, will make the matching very high-end and attractive!

Finally, the metal texture of the watch and accessories is used to embellish it, and the high-end sense of business wear is displayed!

02 Off-white polo shirt with wide-leg jeans

The use of business-sense items + denim-textured items will make business-conscious outfits more casual.

The top is paired with an off-white vintage polo shirt, and the button style is eliminated at the neckline, and the fabric with a certain stretch will be more comfortable.

Pants with dark blue denim suit pants, immediately highlight the sense of business neat shoes with white shoes or leather shoes are suitable~

03 Light blue shirt with brown suit pants

Light blue shirts are also common in many business outfits every month, and they will be more youthful and energetic than white shirts.

At the same time, you can directly create a five-sleeved effect from a long-sleeved shirt, reflecting the sense of competence of professionals.

Then use the color combination, pants choose dark brown suit pants, ingenious color combination, change the traditional business sense of dressing mode, will make people look full of taste!