Thread: imported lace cotton thread_khaki green 8# thickness or so

With needle: willow hook 1.3mm gesture tight

Cable: 218g

Size: Bust 98cm length 56cm loose fit

Simple description of weaving: 3-needle braid grid starting needle, 16 flowers, yuke 19+cm long back split sleeves, back piece 6 rows of height difference, armpit plus needle 7 flowers, loop hook to the desired length. The flower type has been changed except for the leaves that are hooked according to the diagram, and the large-area flower type is changed to: two long needles + two needles braid = one flower. The yoke plus needle after the leaf is evenly added to the flower shape, and the addition is calculated according to the density of your own hook every few lines, which was not recorded at that time, and if you don’t look carefully, you can’t find where to add. Anyway, just add it to the width you need. The body is counted in a full circle to 144 flowers, and the sleeve is 49 flowers.

Related Q&A:

Q: Is the long needle directly hooked into the 2 braids? A: Yes

Q: Didn’t you add needles to your dress? Is it scattered plus? A: Yes, you can add needles to the four tendons according to the illustration according to your density. My hands were tight, my shoulders were thin, and I didn’t want Yuke to be too long, and I needed to spread and add needles to the desired width. Hook according to your size.

Q: How many grids do you make, how many grids and one flower? Is it OK to add a needle as illustrated by illustration? It won’t add like you do. Answer: 6 grids for one flower, 16 flowers for 96 grids. You can add needles according to the density of your hook according to the picture, and play it at will.