Jeans are arguably one of the most common items this season, the style is updated and iterated, the trend is changing rapidly, and without these constraints, jeans are still an evergreen model in everyone’s wardrobe.

But the more basic the piece, the easier it is to step on the thunder, in order to pick a thin and tall leg straight, in addition to the material version of the jeans themselves, it is more necessary to choose according to their leg shape.

1. False crotch width

Unlike natural crotch width, false crotch width is more caused by the usual sitting position or other posture problems.

It is specifically manifested in the protrusion on both sides of the base of the thighs, the overall line is not smooth, and visually it looks like the crotch is moving down, and it is more obvious when wearing close-fitting pants.

The first thing that should be avoided for this kind of figure is tight jeans, tight pants are wrapped strongly, it is easy to expose the whole figure, especially unfriendly for people with wide hips.

Relatively speaking, the following straight pants will be more suitable for fake crotch widers, which can play a good role in grooming.

In addition, when choosing the material of jeans, do not choose too soft and easy-to-fit fabrics, but choose harder ones, so that the overall fit will look more structured and smooth.

For people with false crotch width, when choosing jeans, you should also pay special attention to the crotch design of the pants, do not choose a tight crotch or a short crotch, this design is more likely to expose the problem of crotch width.

There are also color choices, in general, light colors are easy to have a sense of expansion, so choosing light-colored jeans will make the false crotch width more obvious.

2. Thick thighs and thin calves

For this type of people, the correct approach should be to hide the disadvantages, highlight the advantages, thin calves are your advantages, so when choosing jeans, you should choose the kind that can highlight the calf line.

The blogger in the picture above belongs to this leg shape, and the tapered jeans (left) that gradually narrow from top to bottom are more suitable for her, while the large straight shape on the right appears thicker and obscures the calf line.

It’s not that straight-leg jeans are completely inadequate, but everyone needs to avoid large straight legs that are too wide when choosing, and small straight legs with a smaller fit are OK. The small straight tube will be tighter in the calf part, and it looks like the line is naturally better~

Leggy jeans are still a minefield, and they are probably only suitable for people with thin legs.

There are also Harlan pants, which should be a misunderstanding for many people. Harlan pants belong to the pants type with wide thighs and gradually narrowing of the calves, and you may think that the thighs are wide enough to block the flesh, but in fact, if they are too wide, it will have the opposite effect.

Choose a slightly wider thigh part, which can play a good role in grooming.

3. Thick calves and thin thighs

The calf is thick and focuses on covering the calf, and there are quite a few pants to choose from, and straight pants with a little bit of flared are very suitable for this leg shape.

There are also flared pants, which have a wider hem and can also hide the problem of thick calves, which are simply designed for this type of people!

High-waisted denim wide-leg pants enhance the waistline, and the draped fit also makes the entire leg line look even better


However, do not choose too soft material when choosing, otherwise it will be easy to bulge at the knees, affecting the overall texture.

4. Bend the legs

Leg curvature is a leg shape problem that most people will have, if it is not particularly obvious, in fact, everyone does not have to be too anxious. But if you want to cover up this problem in your outfit, just get the following points!

If the legs are bent, the main thing is to avoid pants that are tightened at the knees, needless to say, the following narrow knees are not recommended.

The straight pants with a hard material are very suitable for the leg bent star, and the straight shape itself will give people a straight visual sense, and if the material is hard, it is easier to create this feeling.

You can also choose the following tapered pants, if you don’t have tapered pants, you can also use the wide-leg pants on hand to pull up the cuffs, you can also achieve the effect of tapered pants.

Boot-shaped jeans with slightly flared legs slowly expand outward from the knee, which is also a good way to modify the problem of X or O shape on the knee.

But when you choose, you should pay attention to the height of the trouser leg that begins to expand, it is best to slowly widen from the knee, do not choose the one that starts to widen from the calf.

Today’s content of choosing jeans according to the leg shape is here, have you got it~