Backpacks are almost everyone’s necessary items to go out, the most common styles are cross-body bags, handbags and backpacks, these are our bags with a relatively high usage rate when going out, cross-body bags and handbags are suitable for daily commuting or light travel, and backpacks are suitable for short trips or shopping needs, different occasions and scenes must be equipped with different bags, this is really not wrong, but when I want to travel light and have a large capacity of storage, what to do?

Don’t worry, today I will share with you a Youqi all-round module backpack from Xiaomi Crowdfunding, the product adopts a creative combination of design, and the price of 100 yuan buy one get three free, can be said to be very cost-effective, so what are you waiting for, let’s follow my experience together!

The design of the UQI all-round module backpack is composed of three modules: main bag, cross-body bag and free small bag, which is inspired by the military backpack MOLLE system, and can be freely combined with a variety of lightweight assembly modes through fasteners, which can easily meet the storage and wearing needs of different travel scenarios.

Maybe some friends think that why go out with so many bags? You may not need so many backpacks in the city at once, but what about business trips? You can’t always carry a backpack from start to finish, can you? After arriving at your destination, isn’t it fragrant to change a small bag? Why bother your shoulders? Everybody right?

The three main fabrics of the UQI all-round module backpack are all made of wear-resistant Oxford fabric, manufactured by high-density textile technology, which is not easy to stain and take care of, and also has 4 levels of water-repellent performance, which can prevent penetration for a short time in the event of sudden light rain during daily commuting, effectively protecting the safety of the contents of the bag.

The mouth of the main bag is designed with a drawstring and a large 24L space allows us to easily put down all kinds of large items and clothes, and this structure is not only easier to use but also more practical than traditional zipper-type backpacks.

The interior is provided with internal zipped pockets on the sides and compartments, and the multi-zone design allows us to better separate clothing from accompanying items, and can be placed separately and without interfering with each other, so that it can be easily accessed at any time.

The large U-shaped mesh back panel on the back, filled with high-elastic pearl cotton inside, effectively disperses the pressure on the back, and also helps the back to quickly dissipate heat, reduce the stuffiness caused by summer carrying, and make it more comfortable to carry.

The shoulder strap is also treated with the same material and technology, which is breathable and has a good cushioning and decompression effect, effectively reducing the pressure on the shoulder when carrying.

The neat wiring and sturdy workmanship, the details are still remarkable.

On the back of the cross-body bag, two simple and quick clasps are used as a connection tool between different modules.

The assembly and disassembly of the cross-body bag is completed in almost a second, which is efficient, time-saving and durable.

The cover performance of the cross-body bag also provides a combination of buckles, and the free bag can also be installed here if you want, but I personally feel that multiple combinations will significantly increase the volume of the backpack, so it is good to add a cross-body bag on the back of the main bag.

The cover on the front is equipped with Velcro to make it easy to store some key cards, keys and other items that need to be accessed at hand, without worrying about the risk of loss.

The interior space is zoned to accommodate a variety of phones, 9-inch tablets or game consoles without having to worry about scratching each other.

At the bottom is the storage area of the shoulder strap, which is equipped with a zipper design, so you don’t have to worry about interfering with the contents of the bag, which is quite thoughtful.

As mentioned earlier, the three packs will be superimposed on the volume, so the best combination of free small bags, I personally think that it is best at the shoulder straps, so that when traveling for business, we can store some important and need to take at any time here, such as tickets, ID cards, mobile phones and other items, placed in the front position, there is no need to worry about the danger of being remembered by bad people.

In front of the free pouch is a simple storage bag for unimportant items such as napkins.

Due to the small space inside, there is no further division of the area, and the mobile phone can be placed directly, making it easy, convenient and safe to go out to play.

The back of the free bag is displayed, although the bag is small, the buckle is quite strong, so the safety aspect is still worth affirming.

A variety of carrying methods that can be carried back and carried bring more convenience to the line.

The crowdfunding price of 100 yuan, really can’t find a reason to refuse TA, after all, buy one to get three, what more bicycles? Right! Of course, in terms of appearance and structural design, I personally think that the Uqi all-round module backpack is quite reasonable, and the large capacity and multi-space can easily meet the needs of short-term business trips, and different combinations expand more use scenarios.