Every season has some seasonal wear items, and many people will focus on clothing styles, which is an important part, but it does not neglect other outfits, like

Bags, shoes


Very helpful

In particular, the matching of shoes is more important.

When it comes to wearing shoes and it’s still summer, it’s hard not to think of sandals.

Design of sandals

Initially it was

To beat the heat

, in order to make the experience a little cooler, but with the continuous development of design,

Styles are also becoming more and more numerous

, there is more room to choose and match.

How can you wear sandals in summer, cool and comfortable to relieve the heat, highlight the temperament has merit, many clothes have a strong charm, but

Wearing the wrong shoes

Will be direct

Affects the overall style.

A pair of sandals with 8 different styles to wear, boldly choose,

Make the summer a little cooler,

Sisters who don’t know how to match should not miss it, dry goods are here, easy to get started and naturally show a sense of fashion.

A lot of clothing choices are required

According to the person’s size and appearance

, even the skin color is carefully selected, but the shoe category is different, except

Calf line

There will be some impact beyond that,

Match the style of the costume

You can’t go wrong with your outfit.

Different styles of sandals to match

White flip-flop sandals

Flip-flops are a more personal design, but this style of pinching toes is not very popular with everyone, and sisters who can accept it should know,

The fashion effect of flip-flops is stronger

, and has a very clear sense of line.


White flip-flops

Dressing, there will be a very clean visual effect, the most important thing is white

There are versatile particularities,

Not only can the overall black and white outfit be effectively matched, even if it is a red and green print design, it can also coexist peacefully with white sandals.

Therefore, when choosing a color, you can give priority to choosing white, no matter what style it is, it is better to match.

Blue wedge knit sandals

Knitted design sandals are undoubtedly a very designed style, but shoes of this special material usually have more limitations when matching.

light blue

It’s a comparison

Clean and beautiful

, but in addition to the blue itself, it can only be matched with white, black, gray and other colors, which is not a practical style.


Wedge heels

There are also many people who can’t wear the design, some tall women don’t need to match high heels, they have a strong momentum, and some friends who never wear high heels are also difficult to accept.

One-line broadband platform sandals

The design of a slotted strap is more common in sandals, and it is closer to the style of slippers than the style of sandals. Slippers are a must-wear for everyone,

Essential in daily life at home

, can bring very


of wear, and more

Follow one’s heart

Make movement easy and flexible.

The design of the slippers style with a thick bottom is also the product of combining popular elements and classic things on the side, and the simple design does not have any decoration and matching, but it is full

Full of stylish effects.

Platform sandals

Wear it casually with a loose dress and you’ll have it

Full of resort style

, a leisurely and comfortable life scene comes into view.

Different styles of sandals to wear

White openwork long skirt + checked design sandals

The long skirt is a popular style for summer travel, with a smart and flowing skirt with a strong feminine effect, and a pure white skirt has it

Clean and elegant

The charm, multiple highlights make the skirt look not simple.

Adopted at the waist

Double-sided cutout design,

This makes the skirt more refreshing and designed. For some sisters with good figures, it is a kind of people’s choice to wear, can make

Vest line and waist bar

More clearly visible, exuding very

Sexy and sultry

of charm.

Cropped suspenders with pleated skirts

The wearing effect of suspenders with skirts is very leisurely, with a strong casualness in it, more like a weekend vacation. Cropped slip top with black,

Calm and refreshing

The temperament is just right, so that the charm is also

More layered.

Skirt application


, is very eye-catching, but the whole is still decorated with white prints, the picture is full and yes

Very vivid

, very similar to the picture scroll with ink effect.

The skirt adopts a pleated design, which will make the piece more fashionable and more

In line with the contemporary

Design and stylish


It can effectively make the wearer show more attractive charm.

Light khaki suit + platform leather sandals

Casual styles of suit suits are many varied, in

Hot weather

More people willing

Choose shorts

To match, the loose fit makes the overall clothing more comfortable, using a lighter fabric to match, not only

No stuffiness,

It’s okay

Enhance the dignified and formal temperament.

Pair it with platform sandals

Lengthen your legs

The black of leather is modest but a classic and long-lasting style, full of a very heavy charm, making the overall retro effect stronger.


It is one of the shoe categories, but the design of sandals has many branches, according to different clothing styles, to choose different styles of sandals, broadband or thin straps, high heels or flat heels, are needed

Carefully matched