Leather clothing is an excellent temperament enhancement item, genuine leather clothing is made of animal skin, such as cowhide, sheepskin, snake skin, fish skin and other animal skins, after a specific process of processing into leather. It has the advantages of cold protection, beauty, nobility, and not easy to get dirty, and now the more common on the market are cowhide, sheepskin and pigskin leather clothing. The question arises, is it better to have a cowhide jacket or a sheepskin coat? The editor will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of these two skins.

Which is better, cowhide leather clothing, sheepskin leather clothing, pigskin leather clothing?

Even genuine leather has huge differences in specifications and materials, so don’t use it as a pretense by merchants to buy leather clothes that are not cost-effective. Genuine leather is the original leather peeled off from cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, deer or some other animals, and tanned and processed by the tannery to make leather goods materials with various feelings, colors and patterns, among which cowhide, sheepskin and pigskin are the three major leather species of all raw materials.

Cowhide, the first layer of cowhide in the world is mainly divided into three types: yellow cow leather, buffalo leather and calf leather. Cowhide has fine grain, thick skin, high strength, and its fullness and elasticity, which is characterized by beautiful products, comfortable and durable. The surface of buffalo leather is rough, the fiber is loose, the strength is lower than that of cow leather, and its performance is relatively different from that of cow leather. Then there is the best of genuine leather products: calf leather. The real calf leather is the use of cattle cubs as a tailor, which not only has all the advantages of cow leather, but also improves the weakness of the cowhide is not high enough, the amount is small, because the general cow is raised to sell meat, the skin is only a small part of the income, meat is the bulk of the income, slaughtering cubs only the income of the skin, so the price of this skin is very high. I have a calfskin leather coat that is very soft.

1. The skin of the cowhide is thin, and the hair is not dense, and the hair root is not deep. The skin direction, fat glands, and sweat glands are not developed, and are generally used as the surface of shoes and leather bags. Features: has the thickness of pigskin, elastic feet.

2. Buffalo fur fur is sparse, the sticky surface is rough, there are obvious papillary bumps and wrinkles, the texture of the leather plate is relatively thin, and the area is large and heavy. It is often used to make shoes and mechanical wheel belts, and can be made into bags after processing and softening.

Sheepskin: Sheepskin on the market is currently divided into two types, sheepskin and goat leather, sheepskin is characterized by light and thin leather plate, soft and smooth and delicate feeling, fine pores, is very suitable for leather clothing raw materials, but the disadvantage is not strong enough, durability is not as good as cowhide, there is also a kind of goat leather, goat skin structure is slightly stronger than sheep leather, so the tensile strength is better than sheep leather, because the skin layer is thicker than sheep leather, so it is more wear-resistant than sheep leather, and the difference with sheep skin is that the grain layer of goat skin is rougher, and the smoothness is not as good as sheep leather, It feels slightly worse than sheepskin. The price of these two sheepskins on the market is not much different.

1. The fiber tissue of goatskin is firm, soft and elastic. Similar to cowhide, but thinner, the skin surface is clear and convex, fine, and has a strong sense of genuine leather.

2. Sheepskin is similar to goat leather, but the fat glands and sweat glands of the hair bundle are more numerous, and the finished product is particularly soft and extensive, and the hand feels like velvet, but the strength is low, easy to rot, can only be made of leather clothing, gloves, can not be made of uppers and handbags.

Pigskin: The raw material of pigskin is relatively simple, just one. The advantages of pigskin are that it is durable, novel in style and cheap. The disadvantage is that the breathability is slightly poor, the quality is different, the leather is harder, and it is generally used as the lining of leather shoes, and it is less used to make leather clothing. The picture below shows pig skin, which has enlarged pores.

Seeing the characteristics of the three types of leather introduced by the editor, I must have an answer to the question of whether cowhide clothing or sheepskin clothing is better, cowhide leather clothing and sheepskin clothing is better, right? The thickness of the cowhide is thicker, the leather surface is rough, strong and durable; The texture of sheepskin is soft, the leather surface is delicate, and the color is rich, which is better depends on which aspect you pay more attention to.

In general, the degree of durability: cowhide> pigskin> sheepskin, price: cowhide> sheepskin> pigskin, beauty: cowhide = sheepskin> pigskin, softness: sheepskin> cowhide> pigskin.

Next is the second layer of skin, the second layer of skin is the loose fiber tissue of the second layer, by chemical material spray dyeing or covered with PVC, PU film, our handmade leather goods group called open edge beads or coated skin. The second layer of skin than the first layer of skin maintains a certain natural elasticity and process plasticity characteristics, the strength is poor, in addition to a variety of sheepskin, cowhide, pig skin of the second layer of skin, the current market of coated leather, patent leather, embossed leather, frosted leather, suede leather belong to this type of leather. Among them, patent leather and laminated skin are not recommended, and like artificial leather, the film on the surface of these two will fall off after wearing for a long time. Compared with the first layer of skin, the second layer of skin is slightly less comfortable to wear, low grade, not durable, cost-effective, and the price of the first layer of skin is often several times that of the second layer of skin.

Let’s talk about artificial leather, artificial leather is often said PVC and PU, in layman’s terms, it is fake leather, this kind of leather is best not to buy, extremely indurable, about a hundred dollars can buy a piece, full of cheapness. How to distinguish between genuine leather and fake leather, there is a saying called ten skins and nine mutilations, nine of the ten skins are mutilated, scars, bites, whip marks and so on. The leather in each part of a leather jacket is slightly different, the leather used on the front and back is the best leather in the whole piece, and the armpits and sleeves are slightly inferior leather, each genuine leather jacket is unique. Fake leather, on the contrary, the whole piece or even every piece of fake leather has the same grain. There is also the price, fake leather can be bought for a hundred yuan, and the cost of genuine leather starts at 800 yuan. Don’t feel cheap to buy, leather clothing is the most durable of all clothes, wearing a 5 to 10 years is no problem at all, buying a good can be worn for many years The cost is not high, the key leather clothing This material is the more it fits the body, the better it looks.

Regarding the cost, from the data to find and their own experience, aside from the brand premium, only on the material and processing costs, a men’s leather jacket needs 35-40 square feet of leather, women’s because most of them are short, using much less leather, about 25-30 square feet, Alibaba above ordinary cowhide leather is about 20 yuan, sheepskin leather is about 15 yuan. The material cost of cowhide leather clothing is about 800 yuan for men’s leather clothing and about 600 yuan for women; The material cost of sheepskin clothing is about 600 yuan for men’s leather clothing and 450 yuan for women. Zippers and labor are estimated to be about 100 yuan each.