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The weather is getting colder, and it is literally frozen like a dog! 77 bought several new coats before they had time to wear, so they quickly wrapped up in down jackets, people are afraid of the cold when they are old, so today I want to talk about a warm tool – snow boots!

In the freezing season, a pair of warm snow boots will definitely make you wear them off!

Although many people say that snow boots are stylish insulators, they will be stupid!

But today’s snow boots already have many beautiful styles, as long as you can wear them, you can be warm and fashionable!

The reason why snow boots appear short legs is that they are bloated and bulky, which easily attracts attention and causes the line of sight to move down to appear short.

So weaken its sense of existence, let it blend with your whole body, don’t become the focus of eyes, and on this basis, modify and improve through color, matching and other methods.

The shorter the boot, the longer the legs

The shorter the shorter the legs, for babies who are not tall or do not have long legs, low-barrel snow boots are one of the best choices! Expose a relatively large amount of leg area, so it is not so thick legs, and it will show more leg length.

Whether it’s black leggings with an overcoat or a down jacket, the light-colored cropped snow boots elongate the height ratio, showing full of color, and the legs are long and thin!

The most embarrassing length is the mid-barrel style just up to the calf, although it is very warm, but the leg is instantly shorter than a cut!

The simpler the boots, the taller they are

The species of snow boots itself will look bloated, it is best to be simple, although some design sense is understandable, but once the decoration is overdone will become a burden, the expansion effect doubles to appear thicker legs!

If the appearance of such a large area of beads and printed styles worn by Baby is not capricious enough, you should choose carefully so as not to wear super “dirt”.

The simple and neat style can not only weaken the attention, but also visually achieve the purpose of not expanding and thinning.

The more low-key the color, the thinner it looks

Relatively bright colors, although it looks very good on the poster, but the real people’s feet are often miserable, too difficult to match, and will make others’ eyes suddenly focus on your feet, swell and show thick legs!

And choose black, gray, brown, sand and other neutral colors, classic is also the best.

▲Black is versatile

▲ Gray low-key

▲Brown classic

▲Coffee-colored atmosphere

The light pink and apricot snow boots are also quite gentle, which is definitely not to be missed by soft girls, and can look very girly with white or other light-colored items.

How to match?

When it comes to pairing snow boots, we need to firmly follow the principle of “loose up and tight down”! Don’t let your center of gravity rest on your shoes, and use loose, conspicuous tops with slim bottoms to achieve a slimming effect.

1. The same color of shoes and pants shows the longest legs

Boots and pants in the same color

, can make you grow taller quietly~

▲ Simple and rude, clear at a glance.

▲ With the same color, even in the face of mid-tube boots, you are no longer afraid.

▲If you want to break the coldness of black and the same color, why not use stripes or checks to enhance the chic style! Skinny pants with snow boots to slim in a circle of instant sight!

2. Wear it with tight-leg jeans

Slim jeans and snow boots go well together, making it easy to wear a chic simple and casual style!

Dressed up with holes and skin, Jeans + snow boots have a lot more fashionable aura, and the whole look is no longer lifeless!

A cropped model that looms a little ankle or shows a pair of nicely patterned socks, which is very chic. (Provided temperature permits)

3. Wear a skirt to cover the flesh and show thinness

77 people think that most skirts completely break the bulkiness of snow boots! The temperament of snow boots has been raised by 10,000 heights!

Girls with bad leg shapes can wear skirts to match snow boots, remember that the skirt does not exceed the cuff of the boots~

How should snow boots be washed?

1. Do not wash with hot water!!

Wet the surface with cold or low temperature water,

Especially immersion in water is absolutely not a no-go!


Use a special cleaning agent mixed with water.

Then use a sponge brush or soft bristle brush to clean the surface of the shoe, and then rinse quickly but not let the inside completely wet ~

3. It can be stuffed with newspapers and fixed it.

Then you can take the shoes out

Air dry naturally

That’s it,

Cannot be exposed to the sun


After analyzing so many snow boots wearing tips, will you wear fashionable and thin?

Source | The most fashionable (ID: zuichaoda77) A down-to-earth fashion number to help you kill all unfashionable outfits!