On a crisp autumn day, the warm sun shines on my body, as if I smell the colorful leaves of the fallen leaves, and I feel extremely good wearing my clothes for autumn. And the reality is that you stand in front of the wardrobe in a daze, which one is worthy of this charming autumn.

Come on, cardigan shirt small jacket sweatshirt, pick a few for you, fluttering graphics and text pretend to be your exclusive wardrobe, see it and have it.

Big red plaid sweater cardigan,

Vintage-style, elegant and atmospheric women need a big red fine compartment, whether it is a top or a skirt. Casual and stylish, but also reveals a touch of European and American feelings. It’s not amazing, but it’s certainly outstanding.

Thin buttoned wool dress,

Off-white, especially skin-friendly, reduces aggression and adds femininity. Wear it as the little sister next door, kind and beautiful. The straight skirt is not too strict on the figure, easy to control, and it is fashionable to wear a small suit outside the monotony.

Cropped loose-fitting sweater cardigan,

If you are confident in your waist, quickly choose a short loose style, slightly longer sleeves, slightly shorter body, this contrast creates a very wonderful effect, it appears that the limbs are slender, the waist is slender, and it is grasped. Although it is a cardigan, it has a flowing feeling.

patchwork pullover,

I want to think of a name for this dress, I think it is not appropriate to call it, a piece of clothing incorporates too many elements. But the whole is not complicated, which is rare, a model that shows super personality.

Plaid paneled shirt,

This is another patchwork shirt, scattered and unified. Attracting attention depends on it, flamboyant and low-key. Mix and match well, and your clothes are a qualitative leap.

small fragrant coat,

When the autumn breeze rises, a base and a small coat, the style comes out. Temperament hanging, wearing the volume of your speech must be slightly controlled, that is, to be elegant and mature.

Penguin sweatshirt,

I like solid colors for sweatshirts, or they can be this with a pattern. It just can’t be too complicated, simple, and isolated from worldly distractions. You can’t do without a sweatshirt in autumn.

corduroy skirt,

This has appeared in the previous article, which is a more versatile model. The finale finale, the upper body is super beautiful. Can’t wait to get dressed and get out on the street.

Solid color dress,

This indisputable color and style is really a fluttering love, can’t wear it, don’t know how to match, wear this, no one will say anything about you, because you don’t have to say. It is the temperament itself.

I’ll take a look at these few today. Updated with new models in the period, like to pay attention to it.