CASIOG-SHOCK has conquered the world in an all-round way, created the MASTEROFG series with three main axes of land, sea and air, and launched the new powerful functional series MUDMASTERGWG-1000 in September 2015, with the concept of “Extreme Continent” as the development concept, designed to combat the extreme land environment of steep and bumpy.

The first to be built with a new mud-proof structure and equipped with the third generation of three sensors, not only can operate various functions smoothly in dusty deserts or muddy rain, but also accurately grasps the three indicators of orientation, altitude/air pressure and temperature, comprehensively improving the accuracy and convenience of explorers in harsh environments.

The strap is made of comfortable and waterproof rubber material, and the imitation canvas strap engraved design adds a stylish and handsome style to the adventurer, allowing the explorer to show its strong essence and thoroughly show its fierce charm despite all kinds of extreme land environments!