The individual wrought iron pendant is slightly single, and when the number of pendants*2 or >2, it is not only a pendant, but also a decoration in the living room. The clever use of metal products makes the overall home more creative and more textured in life.

1. Nordic wrought iron wall decoration

The Nordic line hexagonal wall decoration connects the lines to form three separate areas, each of which can be combined with knick-knacks or cosmetics, whether placed in the bedroom or the living room, can add a lot of design.

Nordic wrought iron wall decoration adopts metal material + manual welding, two decoration methods: hanging/flat. First drive the non-marking nail into the wall, and hang the hanging hole on the non-marking nail to install successfully.

Creating a fresh Nordic life is a home scene that every girl will enjoy. The home does not need to be very large, the loved one is around, and adding their favorite home and accessories to the small home is the ideal life.

2. Geometric wrought iron flower basket

Are you still at the level of mathematical geometry? Now everyone’s requirements for art are getting higher and higher, when art and design are perfectly combined, every geometric work is art of living~

Creative shape wrought iron basket, combining geometric figures and current trends, bows, hearts, triangles. As long as there are enough creative elements, it will never be out of style at home, and a pot of heartflowers will be changed every week, and the mood will not be the same.

3. Creative wrought iron flower pot stand

The materials of the flower pot rack are roughly divided into four categories: plastic, wood, ceramic and wrought iron. The most common are the first three categories, and only the last type of wrought iron pot rack is rarely seen.

The iron drum of the flower pot rack is made of iron welding, and the surface is sprayed with baking paint to ensure that it can be taken out and placed, or you can directly put flowers in the barrel, accompanied by resolute metal and gentle flowers, the perfect combination of perseverance and femininity.

4. Wrought-iron clock ornaments

Play the band clock ornaments, the ornaments are made of metal, plus the clock design, when the hands gently turn, beautiful things quietly happen, and you stay with you in a little time.

If you want to play a musical instrument for everyone and give your loved ones a musical feast, even if you can’t play the piano, it doesn’t matter, you can use this ornament instead of you to guard TA.

Although he is only a handicraft, he can always guard his lover’s side, which also confirms the saying that “companionship is the longest confession of love”. Although I can’t accompany you for the time being, I will carry out another kind of companionship in my way ~