I don’t want to work hard, I always think that there is such a group of old aunts who can like me, they drive Ferrari with one hand,

Carrying Hermès bags on one shoulder, their white skin and beauty remain, and they are amazingly attractive.

Old aunts, the most basic need is Xiao Xianrou’s young body and beautiful face such a good-looking skin bag, and even requires Xiao Xianrou’s moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor all-round development.

I took a picture of myself and found that even with the beauty and long legs effect, I didn’t meet the standard.

If there are such cheats, please give me a dozen, a dozen, not your Yida. Only cheats can change fate, but unfortunately no deep blue can add points, cheats cannot be achieved quickly by hard training, not to mention that there are no cheats at all.

Without the secret code, it suddenly dawned on me that it is impossible to lie down in this world, and I can only work my own. To be a cowherd requires a lot of hard work to get to the top of the pyramid of the industry, look at this hard worker

Japan’s “Cowherd Emperor” – Roland. (

In Japan, cowherds, also known as “male publicists”, are legal professions. Not advocating cowherds, here is just a strange story for everyone.

Roland is the most expensive cowherd in Japan, once earning 60 million yen a month, and it is said that his annual income is as high as 300 million yen. Even if you just chat for a night, it costs 2.63 million yen, and if you want to order him, the cost of 77,000 yen is only the entry level. If you want to get more attention from him, you have to open more and more expensive champagne, and a bottle of champagne alone can even reach one million yen.

Roland’s efforts, one is really ruthless to himself,

In order to increase his recognition and improve his ability to cater to the needs of noble ladies, he transformed himself from a dark-skinned boy to a blond European aristocratic son. The second is beyond ordinary people’s self-discipline, he is very strict with his appearance and body management, just looking at his face, it is difficult to imagine that he will have a firm and strong body. In order to be able to chat with different guests with topics, Roland must read various financial and current affairs newspapers and magazines every day, and will often visit museums and art exhibitions to study, and he is also good at painting and playing saxophone. Fourth, he rarely plays with mobile phones.

Anyone needs to work hard, because God has put a price tag on your efforts. Work a little bit every day, starting with finding a good job.