Car audio upgrades are important to use the right configuration to meet the needs of car fans, not necessarily the best, but must be the most suitable. Of course, the premise of these is also good installation technology, let’s take a look at this Buick Envision that arrived in the store today.

Buick Envision car audio modification configuration:

Speaker: Feishi 165G3 three-way frequency

Power amplifier: Carlis V4108

Bass: Aiwei ultra-thin subwoofer

Sound insulation: Feishi four-door double-layer sound insulation

Installation store: (National Top Ten Modification Institutions) Daosheng Car Audio Zhongshan Experience Store

The construction of four-door double-layer soundproofing is now underway.

Then there is the installation of the front door concubine three-way set speaker.

How should car lovers who want to modify the car stereo choose to install the store?

A professional sound modification shop, first of all, will provide the owner with a free audition, and the modifier will carry out a free car audio modification plan according to the preferences and budget of each owner, so that the owner auditions in the store’s audition room, one-on-one explanation, and then adjust the plan, the owner is satisfied with the choice whether to install, to avoid repeated disassembly and assembly of the original car.