My name is Shi Meow Meow, for buying, buying, buying, my philosophy is: rational shopping, buy a good one.

In decoration and home life, you need to buy items, I want to help you pick a good one. If you don’t need it, I will definitely not lie to you to buy it.

In the background, there have been messages from Fan Eryou to write about the curtain-related stores, and I feel that if the curtains are not out of Amway, everyone will say Shayanarala with Meow Meow.

This is not, Meow Meow hurry up to offer.

Miff home by color

Since Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral was officially announced as Pantone’s 2019 representative color, Meow Meow has been crazy to get hooked on this warm and comfortable color.

Mifu’s gray, pink, full of girlish immature powder, not only has a powerful shading effect, but also a good medicine to cure the cold in minutes.

Fan Eryou@mimako: I bought it at Mif’s house to look good.

Fan Eryou @ Wen Province: I didn’t expect that there was another one here who bought it with me, and I also voted for Mifu

To say that this is a beauty store, it is not an exaggeration.

Intense and stable ocean colors: navy blue, dark green, dark blue, purple…

Bright bright colors: lemon yellow, violet, rose red, dirty pink…

Light water pink: light pink, lotus, gray blue…

100+ colors compete for beauty, don’t pick and choose.

When the wall is relatively pale and bare gray, the curtains may wish to choose a thick dark green velvet, a little bright, so that the whole room is alive!

Fan Eryou @Cui Dazhi: Dark green curtains are highly recommended! If it is used to make full blackout, the effect is good and very well matched, and the full blackout curtain is really a good partner for good sleep! !

This store has a showroom in Beijing, and close friends can also go to the physical store to investigate before deciding.

Taobao searchable store name: Mifu Home (Beijing)

The color matching tutorial is complete

I want to create a warm home through color, but I am worried that it will be counterproductive to not grasp the color.

Then save the tangled time, choose yellow + blue, and give you enough freshness you want.

Fan Eryou @小萌: Why didn’t the new fabric soft decoration store open in the recommendation? The pleated curtain sold by this house is neither an S hook nor a four-grappling hook, but an engineering plastic adjustment hook, which is very convenient to disassemble and wash, and the number of fans of this house is much more than those you recommend.

How can the same decoration place this stupid heart?

The big beauty of our editorial department bought gauze curtains here, and the texture really touched her heart. First let the customer service send the sample, choose the texture, feel soft, very flowing.

The pink of the curtains is neither fancy nor boring, and blends with the gray sofa and metal coffee table to form a very harmonious visual whole.

Taobao can search for the name of the store: Chengkai cutting-edge fabric soft decoration

Miss Yu soft decoration

This is a shop that has been collecting meows for a long time, mainly American and Nordic. At the beginning, it specialized in custom curtains, and now there are also some bay window mats, throw pillows, etc.

Its curtains are particularly stylish, and it is highly recommended to look at the sample first, choose the material and color, and then customize.

Weibo @我还是我是颜色不一样的毛毛: The bottom of Miss Yu’s gauze curtain is finely hemmed and strung with lead thread is particularly smooth, so I know that the cloth is the same expensive price or I bought it, the master bedroom has more than 400 walls, but I am afraid that the dog will bite the lead line on the balcony during the day when bored, so I chose a cheap one for the balcony, using more than ten meters of cloth for a total of more than 300

Beige or white net color gauze curtain, is the best recommendation, versatile classic, thin flowing hazy, thicker drape texture is good, when the sunlight is projected in, invincible light and shadow is the most beautiful!

Taobao can search for store name: Miss Yu Soft Decoration Design Studio

A house fabric of thousands of emotional fabrics

This one wins with fabrics. There are not only skin-friendly and comfortable linen, vintage-inspired suede, versatile fashion velvet, classic chenille, but also ultra-durable polyester and cost-effective blends.

Whether you like modern and luxurious American style or retro aristocratic French style, anyway, there are all kinds of fabrics, just waiting for you to pick.

There are showrooms in several cities, and there are more fabric choices. For specific addresses, please consult customer service.

Taobao can search for the name of the store: Yali Fabric

Since then, the Zhejiang family fabric has been dark

If it is not the alarm clock that wakes you up every morning, but the sun. Then you can take a look at this hot sale solid color blackout curtain.

Fan Eryou @夏小小的鱼: I also bought the Zhejia fabric, which is the coffee color with full blackout! Xu Village sells curtains.

Let’s talk about how powerful the blackout curtain is, simply put, it is to close the curtain, and twelve o’clock at noon is equivalent to twelve o’clock at night!

Okay, it’s not that exaggerated, but this house has a whopping 90% shading, which really makes you fall into the darkness of reaching out for five fingers in minutes.

If you feel that pure blackout curtains are too obstructive to the light in the room, match it with white gauze and enjoy the lazy afternoon in minutes.

Fan Eryou @zoozee: My curtains were bought in “Zhejia Fabric”, light coffee color, blackout is indeed OK. I think the color is a little ugly, and a layer of white gauze is added to the outside, and the white gauze is simply the curtain savior!

Taobao can search for store name: Zhejia fabric specialty store

Fresh Nordic Haidms flagship store

This shop specializes in minimalist Nordic style. Mostly made of cotton and linen, but don’t worry about the shading effect, it will match you with different strengths of shading cloth…

The eye-catching lake green, coupled with the flowing white yarn, the low-key light luxury mix-and-match style, more textured.

Taobao searchable store name: HAIDMS flagship store

Gafu Home, which is super popular on Tmall

Tmall’s popular fabric brand, simple and generous.

Most of the materials are fabric, but the earth-colored curtains have no words for the shading drape, and the copper furniture easily creates luxury in a low profile.

There are also many fresh and elegant window screens in the store. The light white curtains have a certain degree of light transmission and also ensure privacy, and the sunlight creates a poetic and dreamy atmosphere through the gauze curtains.

The home will not look annoyed by too many colors, but a sense of calm and simplicity.

Taobao can search for the name of the store: Gafuhome Home Flagship Store

A large number of children’s models of Sujin original

Although it is mainly cotton and linen curtains, it has several light luxury series of flannel curtains, the feel is not to say, the drape does not have to worry, whether it is warm colors or cold colors, it is particularly easy to control.

In addition to the light luxury series, the semi-blackout cotton and linen curtains suitable for children’s rooms melt girls’ hearts in minutes.

Sujin only accepts customized products, and the whole house customized will come to the door to measure and install.

Taobao can search for the name of the store: Sujin original fabric

Easy coco-spinning with high environmental index

This is a Sino-Japanese joint venture brand. Fan children with relatively high environmental protection requirements can consider this one.

In addition to shading, it also has the effect of heat insulation, sound insulation and flame retardant. But the style is single, basically solid color.

The shaping process is always preached, but if you need to add it, you will charge it separately.

Weibo @Yoo sauce sauce sauce: Amway spinning screen curtains! At that time, I had been reading the buyer reviews for a long time, and finally started! The curtains have a good texture, a sense of pendantry, heat insulation, and most importantly, UV resistance! (That’s what I fancy at that time) Because the heat insulation is better than the general screen curtains, it cools down in summer and insulates in winter. It hasn’t been long before I don’t know how well it keeps warm, but it does cool down when pulled

Taobao searchable store name: Yi Ke Textile flagship store

Pleated styling double starvery

Starvery is a classic brand of Japanese blackout curtains, which can also be said to be a local luxury brand, and the price is not low.

But the shading effect is super good, enough to make you sleep until the sky is deserted. The use of flame retardant fabric, even if a fire will not spread and burn, to ensure home safety.

Fan Eryou @vikkysong: Starvery’s curtains are very good, and they are really expensive!

Its curtain fold shaping requirements are very high, through the high-temperature steam shape memory shaping process, so that the fold is regular and natural, and this fold can be maintained for several years, and the wrinkle effect can also be maintained after washing.

Japanese curtains have an understated and rigorous beauty, and while adding special craftsmanship, the price is naturally rising.

Fan Eryou @HB: Starvery curtains look amazing, inside and out, very suitable for the environment with glass partitions at home~ I hope that Fan can make a curtain topic, haha

Taobao can search for store name: StarVery flagship store

Affordable and practical NITORI


It is easy to find some simple and functional curtains here, which is actually a hassle if it is not monotonous.

Fan Eryou @境生: The projection of BenQ used at home is the popular recommendation of the public, with a basic home audio, I think it is very easy to use, I don’t think anything is bad, nitori’s blackout curtains and white walls, audio-visual effects kill a bunch of TVs.

Taobao can search for store name: NITORI official flagship store

After reading this, do you feel that the depression of winter is slowly receding?

The above is a curtain shop that Meow colleagues or Fan Eryou think are good after buying, for everyone’s reference when purchasing, but you should carefully consider shopping around before placing an order.

If these stores still can’t satisfy you, in June, there is also this “Strongest Curtain Shopping Guide: Curtains Look Good and There Is No Furniture (Purchase Link Provided)”, slowly pick.

Also, knock on the blackboard:

1. If you decide to buy curtains online, first search for local curtain manufacturers that can “come to your door for free”, if there is, let the store take a sample of curtain fabric, measure it for free, and then place an order if you are satisfied.

2. Measurement, installation, accessories and other costs must be asked in advance. (Often labor costs will be more expensive)

3. This article is purely recommended, no ads. If you think it’s an advertisement, please contact the brand PR and pay Meow Meow, and the advertising fee will be yours.

That’s the end of curtains today. What else you want to see, it’s up to you to decide, so leave a message and tell Meow.

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