The subtitle of the inaugural issue of the Japanese magazine POPEYE, “Magazine for the City Boys,” made wide-leg pants a popular target.

A variety of wide-leg pants appeared on the runway and became the darling of fashion bloggers, and its casual style quickly became a daily must-have.

As the saying goes: a good horse with a good saddle. When a pair of wide-leg pants highlights the advantages of being casual and generous, just pair them with these three pairs of shoes can quickly double its sense of fashion.

Wide-leg pants are an everyday must-have

Whether in terms of fashion matching or practical performance, wide-leg pants are a hot item. Today, the editor will wrestle with you about the reason for this.

Each style of wide-leg pants has different characteristics, of course, there are also suitable for different people.

In addition, the leg pants can also optimize the proportion of the body, and choose the right length to lengthen the legs. While showing off the small man’s waist, you can also show your long legs, and it’s really a double kill with one stone.

The wide-leg pants are good, and I am tired of the editor. Aren’t pants like this with the effect of promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses the items that the sisters here think about day and night?

Learn about the types of wide-leg pants

❶ Wide-leg trousers

The tightened waistline, scattered trouser legs, and long pants are the most reflective of the proportion of the body, and the small short legs can instantly create the momentum of one meter and eight long legs.

Leg length is congenitally insufficient, then find a way to make up for it later, and the opportunity given by Bai must be cherished.

❷ Wide-leg cropped pants

Compared with long pants, cropped pants increase the risk of wearing a five-and-a-half figure if you are not careful. Eh! The high-waisted design is a careful way to choose such a pair of wide-leg pants.

The slender white ankles exposed on the outside are indeed a highlight, visually giving people the feeling of slender calves, and sisters with imperfect bodies can also be easily controlled.

A little more careful thought can double the beauty, sisters what a husband.

❸ Wide-leg five-point shorts

Although the length of five points cannot cover the shortcomings of the calf, it is indeed the best choice for leisure and casualness in the hot summer.

Although “fish and bear’s paw cannot have both”, mid-tube socks and casual sandals will also optimize the proportion of the leg line, enjoy the coolness and weaken the shortcomings of the figure.

Wearing wide-leg pants, tasteful women wear these 3 pairs of shoes!

Flowers need green leaves to set off, and the matching of shoes is definitely a finishing touch for wide-leg pants.

No.1 Classic little white shoes

The first thing to say is the little white shoes, classic and basic style, light and comfortable foot feeling, for daily activities can be described as meritorious achievements.

For the 20-year-old Tao Li year, it is the time to seek the way to learn, and in the extracurricular activities on campus, wear-resistant comfort has made a great contribution.

Professional women who have just entered the workplace, it is inevitable to rush back and forth in the workplace, light and breathable and versatile, company meetings, meet customers, switch freely on multiple occasions, do not worry about the risk of mistakes.

Straight-leg denim wide-leg pants are a classic match for small white shoes

The practicality, durability, comfort and simplicity of design of jeans make it unique and enduring in the fashion field.

Whether it is a vigorous college style or a simple and capable commuting style, you can control the light car familiar road.

Compared with wide-legged denim wide-leg pants, it is slightly inferior, and the fat legs will shorten the length of the visual legs, and if you are not careful, you will wear a five-and-five figure.

◆What other fashionable outfits for denim wide-leg pants with small white shoes? The answer is – roll up the legs.

Roll up the legs of your wide-leg pants and pair them with a simple T-shirt, and the casual temperament is immediately on display.


Casual suit pants

It is also an excellent choice, with a high waist and a tightened waistline, with a light mature style, suitable for the commuting of women in the workplace.

No.2 high heels

Elegance, temperament, and intellectuality are about synonymous with high heels, which are different from the comfort of small white shoes, but they have a special charm.

Pointed-toe heels

has been popular for a long time, but do you think it will make the whole outfit dirty? That’s only if you don’t see the spark of it colliding with wide-leg pants.

Pointy-toe high heels are the standard for the domineering queen, and the aura of two meters and eight bursts anytime and anywhere, and the A and sassy royal sister style. Workplace meetings, management, and immediately hold the whole scene.

Square-toed heels

Casual and comfortable, the exaggerated design of the square toe will make the toes feel relaxed, and daily little sister meetings and working from home are good choices.

Although the pointed square head has its own strengths, the square head is more comfortable and fashionable in comparison. Taking a photo casually has the temperament of a fashion blockbuster. It is a good choice for women in the workplace.

Casual suit wide-leg pants are a frequent customer with high heels, and the wide pants set off the maturity and ability of working women, intellectual elegance, and therefore become the first choice of office women.

However, casual suit wide-leg pants are not the only option for high heels, denim wide-leg pants can also be used in the workplace and daily life. Simply match it with a white shirt and you will wear the cool and sassy feeling of a woman in the workplace.


Chiffon wide-leg pants

With a light fabric and excellent drape, with a shirt or cotton shirt of the same material, it will be cool and clean at the same time, making it the best contestant for women in the summer workplace.

No.3 casual shoes

Casual shoes can be said to be the shoes that are suitable for the most styles, without the field that it cannot stand, whether it is the workplace, daily life, going out on the street, wandering, it will be fresh and comfortable shoes.



The simple design is effortless and comfortable, making it easy to cope with both classroom and physical education classes. Therefore, it has become the white moonlight in the hearts of students.

Casual sandals

It brings a full sense of vacation romance, minimalist style, and shows high-class laziness. Whether at home or playing, it will be a refreshing and bright summer look.

Pairing jeans with casual shoes is the most common.

Pair it with a top that matches the color of the shoes and a belt that opposes the color of the trousers, highlighting the curve of the waist and creating a tall, skinny fair lady.

Casual wide-leg pants and casual shoes are also high-quality players at home and on the street.

Casual casual without a sense of restraint

, whether it is office workers or students, it can be easily controlled.

All in all, wide-leg pants with small white shoes, high heels, and casual shoes can not only cover the flesh and show thinness, but also lengthen the proportion of the body and show the length of the legs.

Whether it’s daily life or commuting, you can keep up with the trend while ensuring comfort, such a summer must-have sisters got it?

Each style of wide-leg pants has different characteristics, of course, there are also suitable for different people.