The autumn and winter cycling season of some people happy and some worried has quietly come. Some cyclists in cold areas will wash their cars, hang their clothes, and may have to spend the winter in a well-heated house wearing short sleeves, and some riders have purchased a riding platform to fight the final battle with fat in the house. There are also some riders who are still outstanding representatives of “dare to freeze China” in the cold wind, so how can they ride warm in autumn and winter? Today, will take you to see several cycling gloves suitable for autumn and winter.

1. Jetcool EVO long-fingered gloves

The choice of cycling gloves mainly depends on two aspects: the season and the type of riding. In cold weather, lined gloves can better isolate the cold, if you are a road rider, this EVO windproof warm gloves may be very suitable for your taste, the relatively simple design is set off by the use of materials, three-layer composite windproof warm fabric can allow you to ride calmly in the winter near freezing point. EVO long-fingered gloves are also available in cotton-filled versions, and the non-slip pattern on the palm increases friction when holding the handlebars.

▲ Jetcool EVO long-fingered gloves

2. Cat’s eye Interstellar long-fingered gloves

If your area is not so cold, then you can choose Cat’s Eye’s interstellar long-fingered gloves. The reflective LOGO on the little finger part and the reflective strip on the wrist allow you to keep warm and safe when riding at night, and the terry cloth fabric on the back of the thumb allows you to brush the sweat off your face and say lightly to the person next to you, “If you don’t make any effort, just ride casually.” At the same time, three silicone palm pads located in the palm of the hand can better filter the vibration of the road surface.

▲Cat’s eye Interstellar long-fingered gloves

3, Merida autumn and winter long-fingered cycling gloves

If you have a pair of sweaty hands, the body is not sweating, the handlebar is already wet, in winter it is still recommended not to choose gloves with a warm inner layer, otherwise sweat out, the wind blows, the biting cold temperature is really sour. That’s when you’ll need a sweat-wicking glove like Merida’s long-fingered cycling gloves. The gloves are made of breathable fabric in the palm of the hand, sacrificing comfort and removing shockproof materials, but it is a good choice to wear it when wrapping double straps or riding mountain bikes. The minimalist design of these Merida gloves also allows you to use them as everyday gloves during your city commute.

▲Merida Autumn and winter long-fingered cycling gloves

4, Decathlon AMD3O mountain bike gloves

For mountain biking scenes, in addition to heat preservation, it is best to choose protective gloves to avoid scratches from branches and leaves in the woods. The back of the hand is padded with non-Newtonian fluid, which becomes strong when impacted, protecting the rider better than thin road cycling gloves. The inter-finger mesh material keeps your hands dry even after long rides. TRP thermoplastic rubber and specially textured abrasion-resistant fabric protect the hand during high-intensity mountain biking, providing cushioning and increased friction. The two snaps at the wrist allow you to store the gloves together without the embarrassment of finding only one.

▲Decathlon AMD3O mountain cycling gloves

5, Meisenland Harry’s winter long-fingered cycling gloves

These gloves can satisfy most riding environments, but if you’re in your city where it’s common all year round, you can opt for Harry’s Winter Thick Fleece gloves from Meisenland. The three-layer composite windproof material and the internal fleece design allow you to not be afraid of the cold wind in the middle of winter, and the wrist guard adopts a raised closure design to prevent the cold wind from pouring and achieve the effect of warmth.

It is worth mentioning that usually this kind of winter gloves will have a lot of fabric surplus at the seams because of the number of layers, and they will be particularly tied when worn, and Meisenlan’s gloves use a seamless palm design to ensure the comfort of wearing. Unlike the recommended gloves above, this glove does not have conductive contacts, so if you want to update the strava or make and receive calls when you go out and ride, remember to adjust your phone to glove mode in advance.

▲ Meisenland Harry’s winter long-fingered cycling gloves

These five autumn and winter cycling gloves, which one is your dish, welcome to speak freely in the comment area and talk about your favorite and most commonly used cycling gloves.