The north has gradually begun to heat up these days, and the cotton pajamas of northern friends can be retired! (Courtesy Southerners: Do you)

Cotton pajamas are simply a “source of life” for friends in the south, worn from home to outdoors, “can’t let go”.

You have to ask why wear it out the door? Winter cotton pajamas are piled and thickened, which is much warmer than a down jacket!

Pajamas out on the street has long been a trend in the south to form a climate, who said that pajamas are not fashionable? Aren’t pajamas a must-have fashion weapon in the South? (Serious face)


Pajamas out on the street, grandpa and aunt are the most fashionable?

Pajamas out on the street, southern grandpas and aunts are the most proficient.

Please enjoy below, the beautiful pajama show on the Southern Winter GAI!

Pink cotton pajamas that combine warmth and beauty. The new fashion item, Puppy Dog, adds some wild vibrancy to this outfit.

The crimson plaid apron and big red beanie are full of flame-like warmth.

A furry dog goes well with chunky pajamas, and you’ll be the most beautiful boy in winter!

This set of Look is even more avant-garde.

The red shredded pajamas are simple but not simple, and with green slippers, bold color contrast leads the fashion.

The bear pattern printed on the pajamas is the highlight of this set, highlighting the timeless girlish heart of Auntie.

Such avant-garde clothing, with Auntie’s unruly short curly hair, and indifferent back of the head, all express a bold and avant-garde fashion concept.

Aunts are already so trendy, and uncles must not lose!

Cotton pajamas are also a must-have for fashion street photography in the south.

Look at this set of matching, the thick stand collar design, simple and graceful, the full set of patterns of the houndstooth grid caters well to the retro trend, and the cuff rolls of the same color also highlight the calm masculine charm of the uncle.

Pajamas, of course, must be matched with slippers to have that smell, a pair of summer plastic slippers, with dark cotton socks, at this moment, the season changes freely on the feet of the uncle, which is unique.

The same dog with pajamas, this set of summer limited clothes adds some elegance.

Plain single pajamas, quiet and elegant, slightly upturned small lace reveals the stubborn and energetic design connotation, flip-flops have a lazy beauty.

This outfit, one cut sleeves, one short sleeve, can be used as a girlfriend outfit, can also be a mother and daughter outfit, carry a bright bag, and take your little sister to the fried street together!

Uncle’s summer is as wonderful as the show, and the short-sleeved pajamas with the same pattern are men’s rigor. The deep V neckline reveals a hint of casual sexiness in this rigor, seemingly casual, but in fact fashionable everywhere.

Brand-name bags, as the decoration of the whole body, express the luxurious atmosphere everywhere.

Under the blue flower umbrella, the grandpa smiled brightly, making the umbrella, a piece inspired by the southern plum rain, more practical, perfect at the same time practical and fashionable.

Well, I said it all, pajamas are really fashionable! (Serious face)


Pajama style has become an international trend?

Unexpectedly, in addition to the grandpas and aunts, pajamas are also very popular with young people at home and abroad.

Pajamas seem to have become a fashion benchmark.

The pajamas are casual and languid, which fully meets the fashion needs of contemporary young people striving for natural beauty.

I don’t know when young people fell in love with this kind of shaggy dressing style, and the wide pajamas became the first choice for fashion trendsetters.

Maybe fashion is unconventional? Everyone can’t find a fashion method anymore, so they start making fuss on pajamas.

Southern grandpas and aunts looked down at their pajamas, and they really didn’t expect that they could still lead the international trend.

Not only split pajamas, bathrobes also left the country club and successfully entered the fashion circle.

But it’s still a little pretty?

The completion of fashion really depends on the face, almost the same clothes, how to wear it on other models so amazing?

Split pajamas seem to be more convenient to move around than bathrobes, so the street rate is also higher.

In other words, the fashion of pajama style is not directly copied from the traditional pajamas of grandpas and aunts, and its material and shape will be more in line with the preferences of young people, which may be evident from the thickness.

Sure enough, the world of fashionable people has no four seasons, and compared with the southern people’s winter savior cotton pajamas, these pajama-style clothing is simply “beautiful and frozen”.

Stripes, as a more classic decors, of course, also appear in pajamas-style clothing.

What the? Do you think stripes look like hospital gowns? It doesn’t matter, there are also printed styles for you to choose from.

Do you think that the style of this print is deeply rooted in the true legend of the southern grandpa and aunt?

Sure enough, fashion is such a profound thing, all pay attention to the same lineage.


Is it uncivilized to go out on the street in pajamas?

The topic of whether pajamas are civilized on the street has been discussed since the last century and today.

If it is uncivilized to wear pajamas out on the street, southerners, especially Shanghainese, are the first to disagree.

Shanghainese pajamas are called eyewear, and our general understanding of Western pajamas, inside the underwear will wear underwear, even if you are afraid of the cold, you can also wear autumn clothes and autumn pants, can be said to be “fully armed”, not so much pajamas, but home clothes.

So in fact, Shanghainese wear pajamas to go out will not have the embarrassment of “underwear outside”, for Shanghainese, pajamas are a coat, outerwear is not worn out of the street, keep for the New Year?!

American photographer Justin Guariglia captured this unique “pajama complex” with his camera. Under the photographer’s lens, Shanghainese pajamas are not only a kind of daily clothing, but also an urban culture.

Shanghainese’s love of pajamas on the street is actually related to their long-standing habits.

As we all know, old Shanghainese live in alleys, neighbors are close together, for Shanghainese, a lane is a private space like an interior.

The space to pour spittoon, pour swill, and even wash and go to the toilet is shared by a whole alley, so many life chores need to be done outside the house, often changing clothes is too troublesome, simply treat the alley as your own home.

Isn’t it supposed to walk freely in your own home in your pajamas?

Not to mention the pajamas, there are many people in the old alleys, and people often walk around in underwear, and the pajamas seem to be more decent in comparison.

Moreover, in the 30s of the last century, pajamas had just entered the life of Chinese and were a luxury.

People who have money and leisure will wear pajamas leisurely, and the bright patterns of flowers and greens all highlight the temperament of “Laozi is rich”.

To whisper, pajamas are still very cheap, and even because of the simple design, pajamas will be cheaper than other clothes of the same material.

Such a good thing with good quality and low price, it can still be worn by rich people, then you must buy a few more!

Why not put on the biggest force at the least price?

Moreover, Shanghai has a developed economy, so Shanghainese are generally more confident, what clothes to wear on the street, do not care about the eyes of others, pursue the fashion concept of “how to be comfortable, how to come”, and become a faction of its own.

Lazy casualness has also changed from a lifestyle to a dress choice for Shanghainese.

Over time, Shanghainese gradually took their pajamas, out of their homes, out of the alleys, and swaggered into the streets, showing their unbridled fashion.

Photographer Justin Guariglia said in an interview: “Every Westerner is full of appreciation and even jealousy of ‘pajama fashion’, and we also yearn to spend the day in pajamas like Shanghainese.” ”

There is also a saying – pajamas are the most trouble-free option.

For Chinese students, exams and exercises are enough for children, and there is really no spare time to pay attention to what they want to wear.

Pajamas are born with their own simplicity and convenience, just like school uniforms, saving students time to think about “what to wear today”, if they don’t know what to wear, just wear pajamas and go out.

Regardless of the origin, pajamas on the street have long become Chinese, especially for southern Chinese.

In the cold winter, southerners without heating hugged their small pajamas, but they did not know that “everything can be fashionable”, pajamas from home to the street, it was contaminated with fashion atmosphere, and became a trend.

Therefore, pajamas are not only a warm and comfortable existence, but also a free and lazy folk fashion.

I don’t care, pajamas are not dirty at all, pajamas are fashionable!

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