From love to career, Dong Huahua and Zhang Dayi’s “love and kill”, who can become the winner – introduction.

[The main author of this article: Yi’an]

#Zhang Dayi#

According to relevant media reports, Hangzhou Ruhan Holdings Co., Ltd., where Internet celebrity Zhang Dayi is the co-founder and CMO (chief marketing officer), suspended trading on NASDAQ and has only been listed for two years, has it been delisted?

Ruhan’s offering price at the time of listing was US$12.50, and the closing quotation on the last trading day before the suspension of trading made the final privatization price only US$3.50, an overall discount of about 72%.

The cold encounter in his career is a major blow to the Internet celebrity Zhang Dayi, but the house leakage coincides with the overnight rain, and netizens with good things ran to Dong Huahua’s social platform, wanting to eat a melon, but found that Zhang Dayi’s current situation is likely to be “empty of people and money”.

In the video previously updated by Dong Huahua on social platforms, netizens found that a “family fit” window sticker was pasted on the wall of the interior of Dong Huahua’s home.

People familiar with the matter left a message in the comments saying that this is Ali’s sticker.

A large number of netizens pointed out that the specific source of this sticker is the items contained in the “family letter” issued by Jiang Fan’s company to employees’ families as a benefit. It is worth mentioning that Ali’s “family letter” will ask each employee to confirm the mailing address before it is sent, and then mail it home.

Jiang Fan’s welfare items appeared on the wall of Dong Huahua’s home, which shows that the mail to Dong Huahua was confirmed by Jiang Fan, and many netizens judged that the marriage between Dong Huahua and Jiang Fan was not over.

Zhang Dayi, as a super Internet celebrity, can “stir up the storm”, so that many people who do not understand this “original match and junior battle” drama, do not understand, how can an Internet celebrity wrestle with the main palace – the president’s wife, who has already given birth to two children for Jiang Fan?

Speaking of the battle incident between Zhang Dayi and Dong Huahua, it also starts with a dynamic posted on social platforms by Dong Huahua, the wife of Ali executive Jiang Fan, in April 2020.

On April 17, 2020, Jiang Fan’s original wife Dong Hua publicly shouted Zhang Dayi on social platforms, letting her stay away from her husband, so that this “love triangle” moved directly into the eyes of thousands of melon-eating people.

A stone stirred up a thousand waves, netizens because of Dong Huahua’s sudden dynamics, quickly opened Zhang Dayi who is also a person? How did she hook up with Ali’s high-level Jiang Fan?

Zhang Dayi, who was born as a model, met a nobleman – Chen Sijia, later Ruhan’s boss wife, shortly after her debut. Because of his superior conditions, Zhang Dayi was favored by Chen Sijia to sign a contract, and later, Zhang Dayi became more and more popular, and Chen Sijia’s husband Feng Min founded “Ruhan Holdings”.

In 2016, Zhang Dayi seized the shareholder style of live streaming and made actual achievements, transforming from Ruhan’s Internet celebrity to Ruhan’s CMO.

Three years later, at the annual meeting of Ruhan Group, Zhang Dayi met Jiang Fan, an executive of Alibaba, and the two knew and fell in love, like Xu Fengshan and Lin Youyou in the hit drama “Thirty Only”, Jiang Fan, who already had a family and children, was attracted by the young and beautiful Zhang Dayi.

This unscrupulous love was not known to outsiders until Dong Hua Hua Fa Dynamic directly diss Zhang Dayi.

After Dong Hua Hua moved Zhang Dayi into Jiang Fan’s family affairs and moved it to the table, Jiang Fan, as the party concerned, did not make any other splashes except for some painless punishments.

On the contrary, Dong Huahua and Zhang Dayi, two women, began the journey of “love and kill” in all aspects.

Emotionally speaking, Jiang Fan is like a trophy that Dong Huahua and Zhang Dayi competed for, on December 30, 2020, the photos posted by Zhang Dayi on social platforms are suspected to have Jiang Fan’s figure, and many people speculate that Zhang Dayi has succeeded in ascending to the throne.

But judging from the “Family Combination” sticker, emotionally, Jiang Fan did not officially announce, Dong Huahua and Zhang Dayi have always been in a state of undivided victory and defeat.

In terms of career, Ruhan, where Zhang Dayi is located, has been delisted, and the art space created by Dong Huahua has been officially completed, one is not well managed, and the other is beginning to emerge, in this regard, Dong Hua Hua came out on top and seems to be slightly better than Zhang Dayi.

Zhang Dayi’s reputation is shattered because of this matter, but Dong Huahua has a tendency to change from the president’s wife to a strong woman in her career. Two women, in this big drama, each has its own loss, but also has its own gain, as the passive party of Dong Huahua, public opinion has always been very kind to her, but for Zhang Dayi, too many people want to ask her: Is it worth it?

#董花花 #