Flower Dad said:

The cold winter is suddenly coming, and as the temperature plummets, warmth is starting to be on the agenda again.

Speaking of winter warmth, it is natural to mention thermal underwear.

Every winter is the hot season for thermal underwear, especially the self-heating thermal underwear that claims to have “black technology”, which is hot when worn, which is sought after by many people, and the sales are also considerable.

So, is the heating effect of this thermal underwear really as advertised?

Daddy Hua is here to tell everyone the truth, these are just another embodiment of warmth, not black technology!

Underwear should not heat itself

Huadad searched for the keyword “self-heating thermal underwear” on an e-commerce platform, and he could search for nearly 20 pages of related products, with similar styles but uneven prices, ranging from a dozen yuan to hundreds of yuan.

According to the product detail page of a thermal underwear, the reason why it can be “self-heating” is because of the use of a “black technology” heating fiber, which can lock the temperature with technology, can heat itself, and the heating temperature can be as high as 8.6 °C.

Is it really that amazing? Is the secret of clothes really heating up “heating fibers”?


Regarding thermal underwear that can self-heat, experts have already refuted rumors before, and “heating fiber” is just a publicity gimmick of the business, not a black technology.

There is no so-called fiber that can generate heat independently, but the principle that most fibers can “absorb moisture and heat” is used to mislead everyone.

The stratum corneum on the surface of the human body skin will discharge water, and when the human skin emits water vapor outward, these water vapors will dissipate heat when liquefied, and the fiber is using the gas-liquid changes of water to play

Hygroscopic fever


When the fiber absorbs water, the hydrophilic group in the fiber molecule binds to the water molecule, and the kinetic energy of the water molecule is reduced, and at the same time it is converted into heat energy and released.

In different fibers, eg

Wool, modal and viscose fiber have good moisture absorption and heating effect,

The moisture absorption and heating effect of ordinary acrylic and polyester is poor.

And the same fabric fiber, the thicker and heavier, the better the moisture absorption and heat performance.

Therefore, these “self-heating” thermal underwear, which is hyped very red, is not really able to generate heat out of thin air, nor is it a high-tech fabric, these are

Marketing gimmick!

There are also regulations for hygroscopic heat absorption

At present, there is no national standard for heating underwear in China, and there is only one textile industry standard FZ/T 73036-2010 “hygroscopic heat-absorbing knitted underwear”.

It provides that

Moisture-absorbing heat-absorbing underwear should be made of hygroscopic heat-absorbing materials,

And the fabric can meet the following two heating value indicators in the experimental environment of specified temperature and humidity:

First, the maximum temperature rise value is not less than 4 °C;

Second, the average temperature rise value within 30 minutes is not less than 3 °C.

Only underwear that meets the above two points can be considered hygroscopic and heat-absorbing underwear.

Among them, the average temperature rise value within 30 minutes is the comprehensive evaluation basis for the moisture absorption and heating performance of clothing, the larger the value, the better the moisture absorption and heating performance of the product.

So if you want to buy this type of thermal underwear:

The first is to look at the material of the clothes.

Try to choose fabrics with good moisture absorption and warmth, such as wool, modal fiber, viscose, acrylic, etc.

The second is to take a look at the product detail page.

Whether there is a test report for experiments according to FZ/T 73036-2010, choose a product that can prove that you have moisture absorption and warmth effect.

Other than that

When purchasing, you should choose formal channels and regular brands,

Don’t simply choose based on price.

To sum up, don’t be blinded by the so-called “black technology” gimmick, after all, who wouldn’t talk big? Spending more money to buy an insecure “self-heating underwear” is not as reliable as wearing a few more layers of clothes.

Similarly, some shapewear/belly belts on the market also advertise what “black technology graphene” contains, which can burn fat and shape the body, anti-aging and other special effects, and it is actually an IQ tax after the flower father.

See the original text for details:

《Shapewear, bondage, a little use! 》

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