In 2021, automatic stir-frying/cooking machines are really on fire, and if you want to talk about the “elders” of household stir-frying machines, you have to mention beautiful products.

German goodies

In fact, the time for Meishan products to enter China is not short, if it is really known and planted by the public, it should be since the epidemic last year. Meishan is not just a smart stir-frying machine, but it is more called “multi-functional blender”, Meishan has many kitchen functions, can stir-fry, steaming, noodles, juicing, ground meat, etc., than ordinary automatic stir-frying machine, more powerful.

Korean Fun More

There are many competitors of Meishan Pin, but they are mainly imported brands, such as South Korea’s Ji Leto, France’s Majess and so on. Korea is the earliest multi-purpose blender to enter China after Meishenpin. The similarity is very high with Meishan Product, but it adopts a completely different sales strategy from Meishan Product, Meishan Product is offline sales, while Joy is sold online, and because of this, the price advantage of Joy is more obvious.

And the French Metis is from the sales model to pricing, and then to the service model, are the same door as the Meishan master, including the earliest selling price, only 8 yuan worse than Meishan Pin, but now Meishan has increased the price again, the price is 12388 yuan.

Subor small c

Since last year, domestic brands have begun to rise, starting from Fangtai Mibo, and then to this year’s Subor Little C, domestic brands have focused on “Chinese taste” and “Chinese stomach”, which is more in line with Chinese cooking habits.

However, the domestic multi-functional blender or stir-frying machine, due to the short time on the market, so it is far from enough in the product, and the recipe and service are a manifestation. Whether it is Fangtai Mibo or Subor Little C, there are relatively few recipes, and Subor Small C is just a stir-fry machine with a relatively single function.

But it has to be said that the emergence of Subor Little C represents people’s gradual recognition of multi-functional blenders/automatic stir-frying machines, and also means that the competition in this market will become more and more cruel.

So, if it were you, would you start?