Safety color is the color that expresses safety information, indicating prohibitions, warnings, instructions, prompts and other meanings. The correct use of safety colors enables personnel to respond as quickly as possible to objects and environments that threaten safety and health; Quickly detect or distinguish safety signs and get timely reminders to prevent accidents and hazards.

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The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and many countries have strict regulations on the use of safe colors. China has formulated national standards for safe colors. It is stipulated that the four colors of red, yellow, blue and green are used as the safety colors used throughout the country. The meanings and uses of the four safety colors are as follows:


Indicates prohibition, stop, fire and danger. Prohibited, stopped, and hazardous device equipment or environments are marked in red. Such as prohibition signs, traffic prohibition signs, fire fighting equipment, stop buttons and stops, control handles of brake devices, limit position scales on instrument dials, exposed parts of rotating parts of machines, strips and words of LPG tankers, hazard flag flags, etc.


It means to pay attention and warn. Devices, devices, or environments that require warning attention are marked in yellow. Such as warning signs, traffic warning signs, road traffic pavement signs, inner walls of pulleys and their protective covers, inner walls of grinding machine covers, step fronts of the first and last steps of stairs, protective railings and warning signal flags, etc.


Indicates the directive, the regulations that must be observed. Such as command signs, traffic direction signs, etc.


Indicates access, safety, and information. Passage or safety situations are marked in green. Such as indicating passage, machine start button, safety signal flag, etc.

The two colors of black and white are generally used as the contrast color of the safety color, mainly used as the background color of the above various safety colors, for example, the background color on the safety sign board is generally white or black.