As children grow older, they have more and more opportunities to contact the external environment, sweat a lot during play, and take a bath every day. However, children’s skin is thinner and weaker than adults, and the resistance of their own skin is also weak, and it is easy to be affected by external environments such as air, causing dryness, fragility and other skin discomfort. Don’t just take a bottle of shower gel and give it to your child, know that your child’s skin can be delicate!

When parents choose children’s shower gel, the first and most important thing is that the formula is safe, gentle, preferably tear-free, so that even if the foam accidentally touches the eyes during bathing, it will not feel uncomfortable. Secondly, the shower gel used by children also needs to have a moisturizing effect, which can effectively prevent dryness during cleansing, protect sebum, and keep the skin refreshed, silky and comfortable after bathing. In addition, children’s shower gel is not the more foam, the better, to observe the delicate degree of foam, and the fragrance should also be pleasant.

Speaking of which, I have to recommend Xiaobian Xinhui’s Infinitus product Zhiya Children’s Shower Gel, which specializes in developing a tear-free formula for children’s lacrimal gland and sensitivity to external stimuli, and is no longer afraid of shower gel running into the eyes; Weakly acidic formula, maintain skin defenses, while adding provitamin B5 and biological sebum, washing and care in one, the skin is not tight after washing, refreshing and comfortable, and it makes parents more worry-free when used~

Infinitus’ Zhiya Children’s Cleaning Products carefully selected 32 kinds of low-allergenic raw materials from 8,803 kinds of raw materials have undergone more than 170 safety tests, allowing children to enjoy safe care at any time and erecting a reassuring protective “barrier” for children.