At present, drinking health tea has become a lifestyle style: grab a handful of honeysuckle and throw it in boiling water, put a few red dates in it, sprinkle some goji berries…

However, these health teas brewed with Chinese medicine, drinking is not actually considered tea, should be counted as medicine, before drinking as a dialectical, drinking the wrong will hurt the body!

1. Goji chrysanthemum tea

Do not drink colds, fevers and menstruation

In the hot weather, many people feel dry and hot in the air-conditioned room, so a cup of goji chrysanthemum tea on hand has become a “must for going to the fire”. However, this tea should not be drunk casually.

Chrysanthemum does have the effect of clearing heat and removing fire, clearing the liver and eyes, so this tea has a good fire extinguishing effect, and it has an effect on both virtual fire and real fire. However, although the chrysanthemum is hot and goes to the fire, it is bitter and cold, and people who are weak should not drink more.

Goji berries, on the other hand, have a strong effect on warming the body, so you must not eat goji berries when you have a cold, fever, diarrhea, or inflammation in the body. In addition, menstruating women who take too much goji berries may increase menstrual flow; And people with a bad spleen and stomach often eat goji berries, which can lead to indigestion.

2. Rose tea

Do not drink when constipated

Rose tea does have the effect of beauty and beauty, activating meridians, activating blood circulation and removing stasis, so it is not only suitable for women to drink more, but also can assist in the treatment of gynecological diseases, and has a beauty effect, it is also good for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, hypertension, and heart disease patients.

But some people will experience a feeling of bloating and bloating after drinking rose tea. This is because roses have a certain astringent effect, so it is not suitable to drink it when it is secret.

3. Gui Yuan red jujube tea

People with a hot constitution drink less

This tea is the favorite of many female friends, nourishing the stomach and beauty. The nourishing effect of soaking water with guiyuan is obvious, and people who are easy to get tired and weak can be “revived with full blood” after supplementing guiyuan.

However, people with a hot constitution should not eat too much, because it is easy to produce internal heat, manifested as dry mouth, heat, dry stool and other symptoms.

And red dates can not eat more, because it is not easy to digest, it is recommended to supplement no more than 10 red dates per day.

4. Honeysuckle tea

Women with dysmenorrhea should avoid it

Honeysuckle can be used for various febrile diseases, such as body heat, rash, hot poisonous carbuncle, sore throat, etc.

Patients with a fiery constitution who often have mouth ulcers and blisters in the mouth can often take it, while patients with dysmenorrhea and cold constitution with poor digestive function should avoid eating as much as possible.

5. Mint tea

Yin deficiency and blood dry people should not take it

Peppermint has the effect of diverging wind heat, clearing the throat, relieving depression and relieving itching. In addition, peppermint also helps relieve colds, fever, headaches, sore throats, sweatlessness and other conditions.

It should be reminded that those with yin deficiency and dry blood, liver and yang hyperactivity, and excessive sweating are prohibited.

6. Cassia tea

Never drink for long

The climate is dry, which can easily cause various eye diseases such as dry eyes and eye astringency, and many people drink cassia tea.

However, cassia seeds have the functions of clearing the liver and eyes, lowering blood pressure and laxation. However, because cassia seeds have a laxative effect, they can cause diarrhea after taking them, and taking them for a long time may lead to more complicated constipation.

In addition, there is a problem called melanosis related to it. Therefore, although cassia tea can be drunk, the premise is that the drinking time must not be long.

It is recommended that everyone drink so 2-3 times a week, do not let the body get used to its existence.

7. Fat sea tea

It was useless for the “old smoking gun” to drink

Many people feel that their throats are dry and uncomfortable to soak in the fat sea to drink, but in fact, the fat sea is only suitable for hoarseness caused by wind and heat evil poison invading the throat.

Hoarseness caused by vocal cord nodules, incomplete vocal cord closure, or excessive alcohol and tobacco is ineffective with fat sea. So those “old smoking guns” to relieve throat discomfort, quitting smoking is more useful than soaking in the fat sea.

In addition, people with cold constitution and people who often have diarrhea are not suitable for the fat sea. And even for symptomatic pharyngitis patients, 1-2 weeks of fat tea drinking is enough, taking too much will damage yang qi and affect digestive function.

Editor / Huang Qianwen

Source/ Practical Encyclopedia