“Of course I won’t try to pick the moon, I want the moon to come to me.”

Audrey Hepburn speaks confidently. When we can’t make everything outside change ourselves, all we can do is change ourselves. The same is true of the world’s pursuit of beauty, allowing the people around them to fall for themselves through their beautiful self.

In autumn and winter, when temperatures drop, many exquisite “cosmopolitan beauties” struggle to choose between keeping warm and maintaining style. As everyone knows, a pair of the right boots can keep us elegant and warm in autumn and winter. Faced with a variety of boots, choosing long boots or short boots has become a difficult problem.

First, the characteristics of long and short boots are at a glance, so that buying boots is no longer blind

1. The advantages of boots are revealed

Here the boots finger barrel is located

Above the calves, up and down the knees

Boots, as a favorite item of many stars, boots can be described as their “combat boots”, boots are

Super straight legs and long legs

The boots, like soft and elastic

Over-the-knee boots

It also covers well

The flesh of the legs, which modifies the shape of the legs

, wearing it not only seconds to become “big legs” also

Highlight the temperament

Flat heels and high heels give women of different heights and preferences a variety of choices, and they are also very good with clothes.

2. The “Spit Conference” of Boots

Although boots are good, you should never start casually, and over-the-knee boots that fit the flesh are among boots

For body proportions, height

and other the most demanding one, it will be easy to wear it if it is not suitable

It becomes five and a half, and the boots are also called “strangle” boots,

It is very inconvenient to put on and take off.

In addition, because boots wrap around our ankles, calves or knees for a long time,

Easy to stuffy feet, not breathable

, if the boots are of poor material, foot problems may also occur.

3. Big inventory of the advantages of short boots

There are many types of booties,

Chelsea boots, Martin boots, ankle leather boots

and so on are common types.

Booties are more tolerant of women’s figures and heights, even if the legs are thick, the legs are short, and not straight, wearing short boots and matching suitable clothes can still achieve unexpected results, and short boots

Easy to put on and take off, more breathable, and comfortable to wear

Women with excellent figure wearing booties can perfectly show off the curve of their legs, also

Very high.

4. The disadvantages of short boots are revealed

Booties though for

Short, thick-legged women are friendly

, but this must also be

On the basis of the right outfit

to be reflected. Booties for

Leg shape

‘s grooming function is not great, if not properly matched, the booties will expose the shortcomings of our legs at a glance, in addition to this, it is easy to present

“Booties become rain boots”

of embarrassing scenes. If you are not in good shape, you must be excellent in wearing short boots

Match skills

That’s right.

Second, master the rules of choosing boots, in order to easily get “good boots”

1. Boots are selected according to height

A. Small women

No matter what it is, what suits you is the best, and boots are no exception.

Choosing boots starts with your own


Women under 160cm should choose as much as possible


, booties do not depress height for small people,

The upper body will appear tall, thin and ladylike

effect. If the body proportion is good, you can buy boots, you can refer to the actress

Wang Ziwen, Ju Jingyi

The boots will be even more when you start

B. Tall women

Tall women don’t need to be specially matched

Harness the boots

, because they are born to be the face of boots. The boots bodice will be incomparable

Powerful aura, heroic and sassy

It is vividly embodied.

Of course, the combination of boots and long legs will also upgrade the long legs to

Straight long legs

, believe that no one in the crowd can ignore your presence. As for booties, those like

Ladylike, literary style

Tall women can consider starting, but it should be noted that

The requirements for collocation will be relatively large.

2. Choose boots to see the shape of the legs


O-legs and X-legs

For women, it is better to choose short boots below the calf, and the material of the short booties is hard and straight

It is very modifiable leg shape, with visual enhancement and thinning effects.

If you want to buy boots, you can refer to it

Wang Ziwen’s “combat boots”

, choose loose boots are more suitable,

Boots that fit close to meat are more likely to expose leg disadvantages.

If it is a straight and thin beautiful leg, you can boldly buy boots, there is no pressure for tall people, and small women can still be very bright as long as they master the secret of matching.

Third, boots, booties, the right combination can be unique

1. Different types of booties wearing guides

A. Martin boots

Martin boots are a lot

Student parties and office workers

The first choice, because Martin boots are basic

flat heel,

It is comfortable to walk and does not lose its temperament.

Martin boots are also more versatile boots

, knitted underneath, jeans with cotton or down jacket

Presented is

laid-back, street style,

Martin boots with a coat or suit, plus a dress will make you go

Seconds get cool

, in and out of important occasions will not be inferior to others.

B. Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots compared to Martin boots

A little less cool

, the upper foot will give more

Temperament, ladylike


Wear yours with loose knits and skirts for shopping and traveling, and Chelsea boots are also great

Suitable for strong women in the workplace

, wear it with a suit or coat, jacket and wide-leg pants

Presented savvy and capable

The effect, but without giving people a feeling of indifference, small women need to pay attention to the need to wear Martin boots must

Expose some skin

will be even higher.

C. Ankle mid- and high-heeled boots

Mid- and high-heeled booties at the ankle are also loved by many women in autumn and winter, and for small people, pointed

The booties on the head are perfect for pairing with wide-leg pants and a short jacket, and the bodice has a clean, stylish feel

。 The square-toed block heel is more suitable

Leggings or skirts

, easy to show temperament, lovely effect.

When tall people wear short booties, it is recommended to choose a long jacket as well


pants, so that it avoids giving a strong feeling,

A long coat and a short skirt are OK

Balanced height but not the slightest

Does not affect temperament

D. Short snow boots

Want one

Keep warm and comfortable

of boots,

Snow boots are the way to go

。 Although snow boots are indeed a little less stylish than hard-topped boots, it’s

Home, casual style

It is also incomparable.

Short snow boots

Team yours with a down jacket and slim-fit jeans

It’s a perfect fit, both inside

Still is


are all suitable, as long as

Maintain lift and reveal waistline

Yes, so that it will present a tall, thin effect, also

No cheesy, lazy feeling.

2. Different materials of the rules of wearing boots

A. Glossy leather boots

Glossy leather boots work well

Modify the shape of the legs to achieve the effect of heightening and thinning

, the style of presentation is

Cool tide


Freedom to go

, suitable for collocation

Blazer, short skirt

, and try to expose yourself


, Winter can be achieved with the help of bare-legged artifacts.

The combination of a strong blazer and shiny boots will show people’s personality even more, giving people an unconventional sense of luxury and fashion. Be careful

Avoid wearing long skirts,

Especially small women,

It is easy to appear short and has no temperament

B. Suede over-the-knee boots

Suede knee-length boots are perfect to match

knitwear, cropped coats or leggings, short skirts,

This type of outfit will show off the curves of our legs well,

Expose proper skin

It will be taller and more stylish.

Because over-the-knee boots will wrap the entire calf, the lower body that is too long is easy to show a legless effect, very short, and the modification of the proportion of the body is basically negative, of course, for tall women, the jacket can be chosen

Long trench coats, coats,

It will make the whole person domineering and deter one side.


Matte leather boots

Matte leather boots relative to the front two

More understated

, Therefore, you need to be more careful in the matching of clothing. choose

Cropped underwear and skirt

Still a good choice.

It is worth noting that the coat can be combined with boots

Same color

, on the pattern and print


Some are fine, but

The inner layer must have highlights,

In color can be formed


Black with burgundy, khaki or caramel

They are all more prominent, and in autumn and winter, they not only look fashionable but also give people a warm feeling.

Choosing boots or boots in autumn and winter is more suitable has always been a topic of concern for many women, in fact, boots are not, boots are the same, as long as we learn to choose and wear, boots and boots can become a weapon that makes us become “exquisite and fashionable”, I hope that readers who read this article can have a unique eye in choosing boots, and match their own suitable boots and clothing to spend the extremely warm autumn and winter.

Highlight the temperament