At home, not only adults and children are bored, in fact, if there are pets at home, there is no way to go downstairs! What to do about it?

Smart people thought that it would be better to make full use of the balcony space and squeeze out nearly half of the space as a pet area, so that pets have an exclusive place and there are no restrictions on free play.

The easiest, just put the pet pen!

Buy a pet fence online or offline, fence it according to the size of your balcony, and reserve the entrance and exit, so that cats or dogs can move freely in this small area, which is very convenient. The remaining balcony space, used for drying or planting flowers and plants, is all arbitrary, so that the balcony can be used to the fullest without wasting an inch of space.

However, cats and dogs will climb up and down, if your balcony is an open layout, it is recommended to do a closed pet area is more reliable, otherwise once there is an accident, your pet will be easy to fall or run away.

With the help of steel or wooden support columns, as well as steel wire mesh, the support column is first fixed vertically, surrounded by a layer of steel wire mesh, even on the top surface. It is ventilated and breathable, and it can also prevent pets from turning out, which is very safe and convenient.

In addition, the floor of the pet area can be covered with disposable carpets, so that after it is dirty, it can be directly thrown away and replaced for easy care, or lay floor tiles and rinse them regularly.

Among them, in the pet area surrounded by steel wire mesh, multiple storage boards can be installed horizontally, in addition to cat food and dog food, it can also facilitate pets to run around, convenient for activities, so that in a small space, it will not feel “boring”.

However, if your balcony has been sealed, then the so-called pet area boundaries are not so clear, in addition to using the fence as a pet area, you can actually try to install a cat climbing frame. In the space on the side of the balcony, install a vertical cat climbing frame, you can ask a carpenter to make it, or you can buy a finished product, so that even if you can’t go out, you won’t hurt the pets.

More and more friends like to have pets, it has become necessary to divide a space for pets, of course, if your balcony is not large enough, then in addition to squeezing out some space from the balcony, you can also consider these two places.

Exterior windows pick out the space to do pet area →

The space picked outside, using steel wire mesh, fenced, can be used as a mini pet area, not occupying indoor space.

Use blank walls to make a “standing” pet area →

Multiple cat climbing frames are installed on the wall, which decorates the wall and allows pets to have space to move, killing two birds with one stone. (Image from the Internet)