Chinese restaurant light brand – Philips

Philips is one of the well-known international lighting brands that have been liked by consumers in many lighting brands, I believe that many friends have also heard of this brand, this brand not only occupies an important position in the lighting industry, but also enjoys a reputation in the electronics industry, and has won many honorary titles such as world-renowned brands, but the quality and after-sales service of lamps can be guaranteed.

Chinese restaurant lamp brand – OPPLE

Opple lighting in our country is a well-known lamp brand, although than Takeoff Lips it is a well-known trademark in China rather than international, but its sales have always been the top of the domestic lighting market, its main sales channel is online sales, although many people now have concerns about the quality of online sales, but this does not affect the quality of OPPLE products, the brand’s professional production technology and after-sales service have been welcomed by many consumers.

Chinese restaurant lamp brand – NVC lighting

If the more well-known lamp brand of the listed lamp company is not NVC Lighting, the company is very strong in capital. Amazingly, NVC Lighting did not have a long time in the lighting industry, but the company rose rapidly among many lamp brands and became a miracle in the lighting industry, and it can be imagined that its strength is very strong.

Chinese restaurant light brand – Panasonic

Panasonic is a Japanese lighting brand, in Japan in the lighting industry can be regarded as the boss, but in China in recent years sales are not optimistic, because of the contradiction between China and Japan in this year, resulting in a large number of Japanese products in China sales have declined significantly, not only Panasonic lamps. In fact, the lamp brand is still very competitive in terms of quality, it is one of the world’s top 500 enterprises.

In addition to the four well-known Chinese styles introduced by the editor above

Restaurant lights

In addition to the brand, there are Foshan Lighting, Osram, Knight Pu, Sanxiong. Aurora, Sunshine Lighting and Huayi are all well-known lamp brands. If you

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When buying lamps, I don’t know whether the lamp brand is true or false, here Xiaobian wants to suggest that when buying lamps, try to buy regular lamp brand stores or lamp shopping malls. 2014-09-02