1. Dr. Ci: Dr. Labo Shirono Astringent Lotion 200ml

Function: oil control Convergence pores, reason for recommendation: pores are a little big, and fine blackheads, a thief ugly in the summer, I heard friends say that Shirono doctor is very good to use, buy it and try it. Sometimes there is an orange scent, at the beginning of use there will be obvious skin feeling, I love wet compresses, but it is said that I can only apply two or three times a week, I use a cotton pad for secondary cleaning morning and evening, there are blackheads T-shaped area pores are large, insist on using for more than ten days, I see that the pores become smaller, and the blackheads are less!

  2. ALBION Toning Serum Health Water 330ml

Function: Deep moisturizing, moisturizing, tightening pores

Reason for recommendation: I have acne, there is oil in the T part, the corners of the cheeks and mouth sometimes come out of dry skin, I don’t know what skin type I am, healthy water to go to acne to close the mouth is very magical, acne originally want to come out, apply a few times, can not grow up at all and go down again, since the use of no acne, and the small white dots in the closed mouth will easily come out after a period of time, simply amazing! If you apply wet, you will also tighten your pores, and when I get up the next day, I laugh delicately, hahaha, happy!

La Roche-Pono Acne Purifying Lotion

Acne Family’s Skin Spring, and also known as a brand of peace of mind, this water is indeed a very refreshing water. It mainly adds salicylic acid ingredients to remove acne and control oil, salicylic acid is a more common ingredient to remove acne and unclog pores. And the quality of La Roche-Posay is still very trustworthy.

Yun Vanli cherry blossom toner

Because it contains a variety of plant ingredients, such as green tea extract and cherry blossom extract, it can dry oily skin. My oily skin and face are always oily and unrefreshing, after a period of use, the skin becomes dry and non-greasy, adjusts the balance of oil and water on the skin, and says goodbye to oily moisturizing effect is also obvious. Sisters who often produce oil and need to calm damaged skin can try this one that will not disappoint you. The first step of skin care is to use it, feel that the subsequent skin care products can also be better absorbed, feel the face water duangduang after a while, so that your face and face are clean, refreshing and refreshing.

Hua Yu set hydrating toner

Hua Yu set hydrating skin water as a toner

It contains multiple hydrating + skin nourishing ingredients, which integrates moisturizing, hydrating, soothing and whitening

Leaves skin supple and bright, hydrated and soothing, elastic and brightened, refreshing and delicate. Simply the price of a commoner, the enjoyment of the nobility. Long-term use will make the skin smooth, delicate, fair, and elastic.

Huayu set toner

Containing more than 90% of the fermented rice yeast, the yeast jade is rice bran ferment, which has smooth skin, brightens skin tone, tightens pores, anti-wrinkle and makes skin fairer

The taste is a good natural smell, it does not have a texture like water, but a bit like a lotion, and it is a light fragrance when applied to the face. After applying to the face, you can gently massage it with your fingers, which absorbs well and does not feel sticky


After using it for a while, you can find that the original large pores have been improved, and even without makeup can make pores invisible because it regulates the balance of water and oil,

Now the skin is clean and dry and moisturized, tender can squeeze out water, remember that in the past a makeup can be worried about the problem of card powder, now what peeling is finally not afraid. And usually the plain skin condition is also very good, the skin becomes very smooth and white!

Can you use toner for acne? Which toner is suitable for acne-prone skin? Toner recommended