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Among so many types, I love post-marriage texts alone, I like to love first and then love, the most classic I have seen is faint marriage and passing guests in a hurry, I also like the poplar past of the long universe, and Mu Fan’s daytime starlight. Basically, this kind of article has been read by me, what quality is guaranteed by you welcome to recommend to me, thank you

1. “Comatose Marriage” – No words

ps: This classic book belongs to the post-marriage text, which has been pushed by book friends, and children who have not read it can read it

Copywriter: Lu Chengyu feels that he is busy like a donkey. Why a donkey? Because the donkey is blindfolded by a black cloth while pulling and grinding, and a large carrot with roots is hanging from its head as a lure. Lu Chengyu really felt that he was blinded by something, so that he hurriedly crashed into the busiest stage of his life, but the carrot shaking in his mouth was not necessarily very tempting.

Until now, Tu Ran remembers a sentence that popped up when the Chinese teacher was explaining a text: “The greatness of love makes it the most eternal theme in the history of literature.” As he spoke, his gaze leisurely cast out the window, with a little yearning in his expression and a kind of remembrance.

At that moment, Tu Ran’s heart seemed to have suffered a heavy blow. She had never encountered so-called love at that time, so she was not so much moved by his words as by a pure admiration.

She thought, love, what kind of beautiful feelings is it?

At the age of sixteen or seventeen, it is always easy to be moved, and time flies so quickly.

After she was a few years older, the Chinese class she used to have gradually condensed into this sentence: a middle-aged and elderly man is lonely when he is pregnant.

Now, there are only two words left. Poor acid.

2. “Passerby” – Drifting Ah

ps: Piao Axi’s post-marriage text, strongly pushed, belongs to the classic series

Copywriter: A pair of awkward men and women who seem to be smart, because of fate met and met until marriage, but did not learn how to get along. The sense of self-preservation is so strong that more beauty is overlooked. Do not believe in love, when love really comes, the first choice is to escape. The excellent IQ of both people has never been used in the right place. In fact, what Shen An wants is just a sense of security, while Cheng Shaochen just wants to be cared for. They all thought they wouldn’t get it, so they left. But after becoming a stranger, he found that everything he longed for had once had…

3. “Once Upon a Time with Poplars” — Long Universe

PS: I put this book third because I think this book is the best written by this author after marriage

Copywriter: I am passionate

“From today onwards, I voluntarily marry Comrade Jiang Xiaolu.

Since then, we have loved each other, cherished each other, and dedicated our youth.

Do not leave or give up, life and death depend on each other. ”

4. “Evenly Matched” — Long Universe

Copywriter: In the hundreds of days and nights of fighting with the sidelines, the reason why Gu Jian has become more and more courageous is because love for her is an immortal desire, and it is her heroic dream of living tired day after day. She tried in vain, he loved her. When both sides were defeated in the end, Gu Jian looked back on this past and suddenly understood that in fact, in this marriage with Pan Zheng, she and he were evenly matched. She did not admit defeat, and he did not surrender.

5. “Hello, Mr. Lieutenant Colonel” — Scottish folding cat

Copywriter: Liang He has two things in her life that she did not expect. First, she will get married. Second, she would marry such a man. Gu Huaining stared at her with a smile and a determined look in his eyes: “In fact, like Miss Liang, I am a person who has no intention of getting married. But God teased, we are all people who must get married, so I think that getting the two of us married is the best solution to this problem. “A battle to cross the walls of marriage.

6. “The Heart Is Like Jane” – Lu Guanlan

Copywriter: Although it is often heard that if life is only the first words, but when a person who has loved deeply in your life – just floating like a yellow leaf, then should this stubbornness of love continue? When the daughter of a famous professor cares about Jian Tingtao, who meets the merchant Jia family, from Pingshui meeting, to many contradictions, to the two lovers to enter the palace of marriage, behind the seemingly calm and happy hidden layers of crisis: the deceased first love boyfriend, the third party with ulterior motives, and the inevitable suspicions, dissatisfaction and misunderstandings in a dull life, they finally chose Lao Yan to separate. The hand of the years, brushed through the heart. People who love each other are as light as autumn chrysanthemums. They who have always been at the corner of their lives in circles, are they reunited by broken mirrors, and they are destined to be strangers from now on?

7. “My Name, Your Last Name” – Tsing Shirt Takum

Copywriter: Is it really the same person she once loved, and the one I married?

After spending two years of married life peacefully, Gan Lu found that she didn’t know the pillow person at all.

She thought he was just the owner of a small trading company, but she didn’t expect that he turned out to be the majority shareholder of the star company.

She thought he was just a gentle ordinary man, but she didn’t expect him to be fanatical about passion.

Is his affection for her love, or is it just a compromise of life?

Is the basis of the achievement of a marriage built under many deceptions really love?

When the cornerstone of trust is shaken, how can their marriage continue?

8. “So Far, So Close” – Clear Sky Blue

Copywriter: They have the most oolong encounter between them, they each have a past that they don’t want to show, and their marriage is a strange bond in the eyes of others… She who was once greatly hurt for love, does she still have the strength to move her heart to another person again? Is their marriage the end of love, or the beginning of true love? It took nearly two years for her to learn to forget, she learned to cherish, and is all this still time?

9. “Starlight of Daylight” – Mu Fan

ps: Many book friends say that it is a little bland, in fact, I think it is quite good, not bloody

Copywriter: Gu Erxi is a very simple girl in the city, simple work, simple life. Not simple, she experienced failed relationships and equally failed marriages when she was young, and when she failed, she was in love. She has worked hard and fought for happiness, but failure always comes suddenly. After a long time and a lot of experience, she slowly understood that this failure, she also has the responsibility, true happiness, to open her heart, can be obtained.

10. “The River Self-Wandering Scenery Self-End” — Nika

ps: A little can’t stand the early stage of the male protagonist, it’s too unclean

Copywriter: For the sake of her family’s reputation, he weighs the interests of the future. A pair of wedding rings tied them and stabilized the two families.

She has the handsome boy of her dreams; He also has a bright moon in his heart…

She and he are stubborn and tenacious, resisting memory, resisting temptation, resisting each other—love, or hurt.

In the long, silent years, they still slowly grew into each other’s lives; When they tried to peel it off, they realized what a pain it was…

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