Listed company with the concept of traditional Chinese medicine


600436) Market capitalization of 255.1 billion P/E ratio 95.11

The prescription and process of the traditional precious Chinese proprietary medicine Pian Zixi exclusively produced by the company have been listed as national top secret by the China Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the State Secrets Bureau, and are the first-class protected varieties of Chinese traditional medicine, and the series of drugs have been recognized as origin mark protection products by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China, and Pian Zixi has been in the forefront of China’s export of proprietary Chinese medicine products for many consecutive years.

Yunnan Baiyao(

000538) Market capitalization of 113.6 billion P/E ratio of 34.78

Yunnan Baiyao is a well-known national medicine brand with a century-old history, and is the largest proprietary Chinese medicine production and pharmaceutical wholesale and retail enterprise in Yunnan Province. Yunnan baiyao is listed as a first-class protected variety of national traditional Chinese medicine, and the production process and formula are protected by the state administration.


600085) Market capitalization 44.87 billion P/E ratio 36.58

Beijing Tongrentang is a well-known time-honored brand in the traditional Chinese medicine industry, founded in the eighth year of the Kangxi Dynasty of the Qing Dynasty (

1669). At present, it has formed three major sectors of modern pharmaceutical industry, retail pharmaceutical business and medical services developed under the overall framework of the group, supporting the “1032 Project” of ten major companies, two bases, two hospitals and two centers.

Treasure Island (

603567) Market capitalization 13.36 billion P/E ratio 41.32

The company is a high-end traditional Chinese medicine preparation-based, multi-dosage form, multi-variety traditional Chinese medicine research and development, production and sales enterprises, the leading products for the national well-known trademark “Zhenbao Island” series products. At present, the company has formed a complete industrial chain of raw material planting, product production and sales of traditional Chinese medicine preparations, and can produce lyophilized powder injections, powder injections, large-volume injections, small-volume injections, compounds, tablets, capsules, granules, syrups, oral solutions, decoctions, APIs, etc

12 dosage forms.

Baiyun Mountain (

600332) Market capitalization of 47.57 billion and P/E ratio of 10.77

The company is the master of Nanpai traditional Chinese medicine, and owns Zhongyi Pharmaceutical, Chen Liji Pharmaceutical Factory, Qixing Pharmaceutical, Jingxiutang Pharmaceutical, Pan Gaoshou Pharmaceutical, etc

13 Chinese time-honored pharmaceutical companies, the main Chinese medicine products include thirst quenching pills, Huatuo reconstructed pills, compound danshen tablet series, Banlangen granule series, Qingkailing series, chasing wind and bone-piercing pills, Angong niuhuang pills, nourishing kidney and fetal pills, etc., which have obvious advantages in proprietary Chinese medicine resources in South China and even the whole country.

Widely known (

600771) Market capitalization: 13.82 billion P/E ratio -93.61

The oldest existing traditional Chinese medicine enterprise and pharmaceutical brand in China, the main product category is fine Chinese medicine

, including the main treatment of internal medicine Fuzheng Guiling Ji, the main treatment of internal medicine Huang Niuhuang Pill and Niuhuang Qingxin Pill, and the main treatment and gynecological Fuzheng Dingkun Dan oral liquid, the main product category two is traditional Chinese medicine, including the treatment of gynecological Fuzheng Dingkun Dan Da Honey Pill, Dingkun Dan Water Honey Pill, etc., the main product category three is health wine, including flavored Guling Jiujiu.

CR Sanjiu(

000999) Market capitalization 23.52 billion P/E ratio 10.13

The company enjoys a high reputation in the traditional Chinese medicine prescription drug industry, and its products cover cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, anti-tumor, digestive system, orthopedics, pediatrics and other therapeutic fields, and has a number of traditional Chinese medicine prescription drugs such as ginseng injection, ginseng wheat injection, Chinese toad tablets and injections, and Yinzhihuang oral liquid.

Renhe Pharmaceutical(

000650) market capitalization 12.49 billion P/E ratio 17.85

The company is a company based on manufacturing

OTC pharmaceuticals are companies that sell OTC drugs and health-related products, including capsules, granules, tablets, suppositories, ointments, liniments and other pharmaceuticals and health-related products. The company’s main products: Renhe Creek, Ukadan, Dashuk and so on.

Yinglong MA(

600993) Market capitalization 10.41 billion P/E ratio 21.22

The company’s pharmaceutical manufacturing business focuses on anorectal hemorrhoids, skin, antitussive, special drugs and other therapeutic fields, and has Ma Yinglong Musk Hemorrhoid Ointment, Musk Hemorrhoid Suppository, Dragon Ball Ointment, etc

More than 20 varieties of exclusive drugs, more than 100 kinds of Sinopharm quasi-brand drugs can be produced.

Nine Shibado (

000989) Market capitalization 7.355 billion P/E ratio 20.40

The predecessor of Jiuzhitang “Lao Jiuzhitang Medicine Store” originated in the seventh year of Shunzhi of the Qing Dynasty, and the modern Jiuzhitang Co., Ltd. adheres to the corporate philosophy of “Kyushu Gongji, Zhilan Tongfang”, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of proprietary Chinese medicines.

Jilin Ao Dong(

000623) Market capitalization of 18.99 billion and P/E ratio of 8.42

The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of proprietary Chinese medicine and biochemical drugs, and actively explores in the fields of health food, food, breeding and planting. The company’s leading products such as “Anshen Brain Tonic Liquid”, “Blood Fu Zhuyu Oral Liquid”, “Brain Benefit Capsules”, “Heart and Brain Comfort Capsules” have maintained the titles of provincial excellent, departmental excellent and Chinese traditional Chinese medicine famous brand products for many years.

Taiji Group(

600129) Market capitalization 8.465 billion P/E ratio 25.60

The company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of Chinese and Western patent medicines, the company’s main products are Huo Xiang Zhengqi oral liquid, acute bronchi syrup, tianjiao, Taluo, Yibaoshiling, Mefeicang, sinusitis oral liquid and other products.

Dong Ejiao(

000423) Market capitalization of 26.17 billion and P/E ratio of 65.16

The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of ejiao and ejiao series products, is the largest ejiao enterprise in China, and is the formulator of ejiao industry standards.

Ejiao is a traditional Chinese medicine that was included in 1963

Successive editions of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia,

It is a kind of Chinese medicinal herb specially made with donkey skin, which has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing yin, moisturizing and stopping bleeding.

Qianjin Pharmaceutical(

600479) Market capitalization 3.536 billion P/E ratio 14.02

Through years of development, the company has established a leading position in the field of women’s health, and the “Qianjin” trademark has become the most valuable and recognized professional brand of women’s health in China. The company’s core product, gynecological tablets (capsules), was listed in the National Essential Drugs List published by the Ministry of Health.

Conbay (

600572) Market capitalization of 10.94 billion and P/E ratio of 38.20

With “Combay” as the trademark, Kangbei brand enteritis Ning, Kangbei brand Ginkgo biloba extract and other products have been widely recognized in the market; As the company’s leading product, “Proprostate” has become the first brand in the field of prostate treatment of traditional Chinese medicine in China; As the first modern botanical preparation in China that meets international quality standards, “Tianbaoning” has become a well-known brand of ginkgo biloba preparation in China.

Guizhou Bailing(

002424) Market capitalization 8.439 billion P/E ratio 52.45

The company’s exclusive Miao medicine products Yindan Xinbraintong soft capsules, cough quick-stop syrup and capsules and non-seedling drug products Jingan capsules, vitam

C Yinwarp tablets are the company’s main profitable products, and the above products occupy a certain market share in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, cough, cold proprietary Chinese medicine market.

Tasly (

600535) Market capitalization 19.77 billion P/E ratio 10.01

As a landmark enterprise of modernization and internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine, the company adheres to the development path of high-tech industrialization, and constantly builds core competitiveness, and after years of development, it has formed a product system composed of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system medication, anti-tumor and immune system medication, gastrointestinal hepatobiliary system medication, antiviral and cold medicine. Among them, the company’s main product is compound danshen drop pills, which is the company’s exclusive product, and has been in the forefront of the same industry in terms of market share and single product production and sales scale for many years with good efficacy, innovative dosage forms and stable consumer groups.

Jianmin Group (

600976) Market capitalization 7.207 billion P/E ratio 21.02

The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, wholesale and retail of drugs, focusing on pediatrics, gynecology, geriatrics and other therapeutic fields, covering granules, tablets, pills, capsules, syrups, ointments and other dosage forms

500 varieties and specifications, the main products are dragon mushroom bone granules, spleen blood granules, small gold capsules, Bentong capsules, children’s Baotaikang granules, children’s Xuan lung cough granules, stomach tablets, etc.

Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical(

600750) market capitalization 7.384 billion P/E ratio 12.26

The company is mainly engaged in proprietary Chinese medicines, traditional Chinese medicine preparations, antibiotic APIs, antibiotic preparations, etc

The company mainly produces OTC drugs, and its leading products include Jiangzhong compound grass coral lozenges, Jiangzhong stomach tablets, Jiangzhong bright voice, etc.

Guilin Sanjin(

002275) Market capitalization 7.903 billion P/E ratio 20.24

The company is a pharmaceutical enterprise specializing in the research and production of traditional Chinese medicine and natural medicine

It is also one of the earliest manufacturers of modern Chinese medicine preparations in China. The company has dozens of exclusive characteristic varieties developed by itself, such as Guilin watermelon cream, watermelon cream throat tablets, three gold tablets, brain pulse tai capsules, etc., and the representative products Guilin watermelon cream, watermelon cream throat lozenges and three gold tablets are famous brand products of Chinese traditional medicine.

Sunflower Pharmaceutical(

002737) Market capitalization 8.427 billion P/E ratio 15.77

The company is mainly engaged in the production of various types of Chinese proprietary medicines, the company’s main products include: liver protection tablets, gastric Kangling capsules, children’s lung heat cough oral liquid, children’s phlegm cough granules, Kangnu anti-inflammatory suppository, etc.

Qizheng Tibetan medicine (

002287) Market capitalization 13.58 billion P/E ratio 15.73

Tibetan medicine faucet

The company focuses on the production, research and development and sales of Tibetan medicine, and has developed into a double leading enterprise in China’s Tibetan medicine industry and topical painkiller paste market. The company now has a variety of dosage forms of plasters, ointments, rubber ointments and other forms of topical painkiller series product groups and traditional Tibetan pills, capsules, granules and other products. The largest variety of Tibetan medicine sold in China, with nearly 2 in the mainland

The use of hundreds of millions of people, accounting for 18.63% of the market share of topical pain relief patches in China, ranked first in the market for six consecutive years.