Chengdu Shisun Street Primary School Grade 5 Class 1 Fu Sijia

When I was 5 years old, my mother said that when I grew up, I should sleep on my own and have my own little room.

At first, everything was so fresh. I have a lot of lights in my room, which I have given nice names: crown lights, star lights, cake lights, revolving lights… I reveled in the sea of lights and spun happily.

Suddenly, what was that? The black lump is shaking strangely there? If I move it, it will move, is it a bad witch with a poisoned apple in a fairy tale? Or is it a “ghost”?

Thinking of this, I was so frightened that I ran to the bed at a 100-meter sprint speed, covered my head tightly with a quilt, and forgot to take off my slippers. Countless thoughts swirled in my mind like ghosts, that black shadow that moves, is it really a “ghost”? Will it come to attack me at night? Will it eat me?

I tried not to let myself think about anything to do with “ghosts.” But such thoughts are like three days in the sky can not resist the temptation of the cold popsicle, the fear is getting stronger and stronger.

My whole body trembled uncontrollably, so I had to clutch the quilt tightly with my cold and sweaty hands, close my eyes, and fall asleep unconsciously in the blankness of my mind.

The next night, I refused to go to sleep in my room. My mother comforted me and told me stories, and lying in my mother’s warm arms, I suddenly found that under the light of the stars, two more dark shadows were moving.

I screamed and cried: “Mom, big ghosts and little ghosts, they’re coming to get me…”

Mom looked at the shaking black shadow, suddenly realized, smiled calmly and said: “Baby, remember the story of the little mermaid we told with shadow puppets?” I closed my eyes, nodded in her arms, and said vaguely, “Remember to remember.” ”

“At the time, we cast shadow puppets on the wall to tell stories, and you were happy. The shadow on the wall is a shadow, as long as there is light, your shadow will appear…” It turns out that the so-called “ghost” is my shadow!

Where does the shadow come from? It turns out that it is made by light, and it and light are twin brothers, always inseparable. If there is no shadow, it means that there is no light.

Since then, I am no longer afraid of shadows, it has enriched my life, become my best friend, and are inseparable from me. We make small hand shadows together, play the game of stepping on shadows together, and share the feelings of joy, anger and sorrow together.

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